September 2020

The Lawn Depot Nursery 2020

It’s not officially fall just yet (I’m writing this Newsletter on September 10th), but there’s definitely a fall feel in the air.  We’ve been having overnight low temperatures in the 50s and low 60s; daytime highs have been mostly in the 70s and low 80s; the leaves on many trees have begun to turn and fall; and most of our annuals (both flowers and vegetables) have become leggy and off color.  It’s time to get them out of the beds and gardens, and plant fall mums, ornamental cabbage & kale, pansies, asters and fall leafy crops. 

We continue to have regular rainfall, which is great for our lawns, which are now entering the best 3 months growing season of the year.  Soil is relatively soft (great for core aerating), annual weeds (crabgrass and stiltgrass) have set their seeds for next year and are no longer spreading in the lawns, and all perennial weeds are still growing actively (great for killing before they go dormant), and lawn seed is germinating beautifully.  Be sure to water newly seeded lawns/areas regularly, regardless of rainfall.  Remember, the wetter you can keep newly seeded areas, the faster and more thorough your germination will be.  Also, all lawns need two feedings in the fall: in September (with our early fall fertilizer 16-2-3) as they recover from the stress of the summer and to support newly germinating seeds, and in the late fall (with our WINTERFEAST fertilizer after the first KILLING frost) to build denser and deeper root systems before winter dormancy.  Stay with it all fall, when virtually everything you do works better, and by next spring you’ll have a lawn to be proud of.

Lawn Depot Turf Management is well into our regular fall application work, early fall feeding and broadleaf weed control, and also deep into our ever-increasing load of core aeration and seeding jobs.  As we mentioned in our LATE AUGUST NEWSLETTER, we’ve had to stop quoting any new Turf Management jobs for the rest of the 2020 season, unless you’ve an active customer or have already received a proposal.  We have a very heavy schedule already, and certainly don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.  However, any of you who are not currently Lawn Depot Turf Management customers and would like to consider using our excellent service in 2021, for either regular application work or special services (aeration, seeding, insect control, etc.) we encourage you to either call us (215-348-5553) or enter a request for services on our web site (  In November, we’ll resume lawn evaluations for 2021, and proposals will be sent out shortly after the New Year.

The Lawn Depot Garden Center is now open every day (Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 8-5 and Sun 9-3).  We’re fully stocked both in the Nursery Yard with beautiful mums, fall-blooming asters, pansies, celosia, ornamental peppers, cabbage and kale, fall vegetable crops, perennials in bloom and full leaf, and small shrubs for fall planting.  Inside, we’ve got all the seed, fertilizers, weed and pest control, repellent products and tools you’ll need to produce the lawns and gardens you’ll be proud of.  We’ve also got plenty of bagged and bulk mulches (pickup or delivery) to give your beds the perfect finished look for the remainder of the year.  Fall is arguably the prettiest time of the year. It is definitely the best time of year for establishing, repairing, or upgrading lawns.  We hope you’ll all get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, and we also hope you’ll find your way to The Lawn Depot soon and often this fall.  We’re ready to discuss your situations with you, and to help you find the answers you seek to make your lawns and beds praiseworthy.  See you soon.

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