Maintenance ​Programs

All of our programs include two free soil pH tests (Early Spring & Late Fall) to determine if a lime application would be beneficial.

Standard Program

This program is utilized for new lawns, younger thin lawns and established lawns that haven’t been under regular maintenance.  It is the prerequisite to our Recommended Program.

Our 6-step plan is comprised of both liquid and granular applications designed to cover all your lawn’s needs from fertilization to crabgrass and weed control. We use only premium organic-based, slow-release fertilizers to provide nutrients to the lawn over a longer period of time without the surge of top growth that comes from quick-release fertilizers. To address the higher pressure from weeds, broadleaf weed controls are applied in the spring and fall, blanketing the entire lawn-the most effective way to get weeds under control. For improved crabgrass control, pre-emergent controls are applied in each of the first two spring applications.

Recommended Program

This program is utilized on established lawns under regular maintenance.  This is our preferred maintenance program, covering your lawn’s fertility, crabgrass and weed control needs with 5 timely visits throughout the year. We use only premium organic-based, slow-release fertilizers because they last longer, and provide more substantial nutrients than quick-release fertilizers.  Broadleaf weeds are treated during each visit with liquid weed control to keep seasonal, annual, and perennial weeds in check utilizing an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach.

Lawn care yard grass

Shady Lawn Program 

This program is utilized for new and established predominately shady lawns.  Our 5 step program addresses your lawn’s special requirements under lower light conditions and more competition from trees. This program uses organic-based fertilizers and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) weed controls to promote healthy turf growth from spring through fall. Weed controls are applied during visits as needed throughout the season. Crabgrass is treated with a post-emergent application in early summer due to its lower pressure in shady conditions. This will allow for seeding thinner areas as needed throughout the growing season without being restricted due to prior pre-emergent or weed control applications.

Shade tree

Organic Program

This program is utilized for those customers who prefer a pesticide-free (no weed controls, insect controls or disease controls) program.   It consists of five timely applications, made up of slow-release, organic nutrients to promote deep root growth and consistent greening. This program does not include any crabgrass, broadleaf or grassy weed controls.  However, if you are interested in controlling crabgrass (annual grassy weed) you may substitute an organic-based fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent as your early spring application.

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