The Lawn Depot’s 4x Fertilizer Solution

20154stepTRNS2This package is an easy to apply do it yourself bundle designed to provide the greatest results with 4 simple steps  For lawn’s that have received little or no treatment in the past, our 4x solution can provide a deep, dark color with improved turf density. For well established lawns this package will ensure thick turf remains
healthy throughout the year.

4 granular applications applied throughout the growing season.

First treatment provides protection from crabgrass before it
can invade your lawn.

Each application is specially formulated for optimal performance.

Your results will vary based on the current condition of
your lawn and other factors that may be unique to your property. If you’re
looking to get started in the right direction, request an estimate from our
Turf Management Service and we’ll help you find the best solution to achieve
your goals.

4x Fertilizer Solution 10M: 4×50 lb. bags (1 bag covers
10,000 sq.ft.) $129.99

4x Fertilizer Solution 10M with Grub Control: 4×50
lb. bags (1 bag covers 10,000 sq. ft.) $152.99

4x Fertilizer Solution 5M: 4×25 lb. bags (1 bag covers 5,000
sq.ft.) $74.99

4x Fertilizer Solution 5M with Grub Control: 4×25 lb. bags
(1 bag covers 5,000 sq.ft.) $85.99