Preparing Lawns and Gardens For the Best Outcome – May 2022

In my opinion, April of 2022 in Bucks and Montgomery Counties has been rather unique.  Although the monthly rainfall has been in the normal range, in both frequency and amount, it seems to me that there’ve been way fewer really warm days, and far more chilly days with cold northwesterly winds than in most years.  This has had a magnificent effect on the length of spring blooms and lawns.  However, it hasn’t been very enjoyable to be spending lots of time outdoors.  And, even though we’ve only had a couple of significant overnight frosts during the month, we’ve had lots of lows in the 30s and low 40s; not my idea of spring weather.  

May is a huge planting month for annuals (flowers and vegetables), perennials, trees and shrubs.  BE AWARE THAT OUR LAST (ANTICIPATED) FROST DATE IN ZONE 6 IS MAY 20.  If you plant annuals in the ground, be sure to protect them if frost is forecast overnight during the first couple weeks of May.  Anytime overnight temperatures dip below 40 degrees, there is potential for frost/cold damage.  If you haven’t yet applied your DIMENSION pre-emergent crabgrass control with slow release, long lasting fertilizer, do it immediately.  In most areas, crabgrass seed is either just beginning to germinate or has not yet begun to germinate.  DIMENSION controls both ungerminated and recently-germinated seed.  May is also a terrific month for controlling perennial, broadleaf weeds in yards, like dandelions, clover, plantain, and many more with a liquid broadleaf weed control application.  All warm weather broadleaf weeds are now growing actively, and can be easily controlled with a single application of liquid broadleaf weed control.  And if you haven’t already done so, May is the time for preparing, de-weeding and re-mulching all beds and planted areas.  The weeds won’t wait.  Get after them pro-actively before they get out of control.  Be sure to read our specific blogs on Lawns and Landscapes for May 2022.

Lawn Depot Turf Management is well into our spring season.  For annual program customers, we’ve finished our first-round applications (fertilization, pre-emergent crabgrass control, and spot treatment of cool season weeds).  For those of you late-deciders, if you want our superior turf management team to take over your lawn treatments this year, we’ve still got the ability to squeeze you in if you act immediately.  We’re also out now with our spring core aeration jobs, and liming.  If you’re interested in a quote for any Lawn Depot Turf Management services, please stop in to the Garden Center, give us a call (215-348-5553), or look us up on the web ( and select Request an Estimate.

Lawn Depot Garden Center is open every day, Monday through Friday, 8-6, Saturday, 8-5, and Sunday 9-3.  The store is loaded with all the supplies and tools you’ll need for your lawn and gardening chores; the Nursery Yard is now bursting with gorgeous annuals, perennials, and shrubs you’ll want to plant in your yards and planters, with new, fresh plants arriving weekly.  Don’t forget that our friendly staff (both those in the store and nursery yard) are primed and ready to answer all your lawn and gardening questions, and to make suggestions as to how you might achieve what you’re looking for in your yards and gardens.  We’ve been interacting with customers on a regular basis since this all began, many years ago.  We love it!  See you soon and often!

                                                                                    Bob Button

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