March 2022

February and early March are always somewhat unpredictable weatherwise.  Last year the ground was snow-covered all of February and into March. It was a stretch to even think of spring as I sat to write my March Newsletter.  This year, we’ve virtually had no extended periods of the ground being snow-covered, and, because we’ve had enough warm-ish days thrown in to a still bleak winter, there is basically no frost depth in the ground; bulbs and perennials are popping through the mulch, buds on flowering trees and shrubs are swelling and ready to burst into bloom, and even lawns are beginning to show some color.  I’m not saying that spring is here yet; far from it.  Early March can be very winter-like, but if we’re lucky, maybe 2022 will get off to an early start.  Warmer weather means more time outside, more sunny days to enjoy, and far less time being cooped up in the house, doing whatever you do to escape the winter doldrums.

 Over the winter, our Garden Center staff has once again spent the entire time preparing for the upcoming spring rush.  We’ve been bringing in truckloads of all the new products we offer you for making your lawns and gardens beautiful, and perennials (both plugs and bare root) are being potted up in preparation of offering you all an amazing selection in the coming months.  And now, as with every late winter – early spring, we’re all looking forward to seeing you, our faithful customers again as we enter our 49th spring season!  The store is fully stocked; the Nursery Yard is still pretty much waiting for consistently warmer weather.  Our over-wintering perennials stock is still in the protected hoop houses, where we’ll keep it until overnight freezes are less of a threat, and our own newly potted perennials will begin to become available in mid-late April, when they’ve begun pushing new growth and their roots are strong.  Annuals, of course won’t be arriving until around the 3rd week of April, as they are, for the most part are not frost-hardy.  The Garden Center is open every day now.  Our hours of operation in the store are Monday-Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5 and Sunday 9-3.  As always, we look forward to chatting with all of you about your plans and needs for the 2022 spring season on lawns and in landscape beds.  We thrive on these discussions and always look forward to seeing new and old friends again.

Lawn Depot Turf Management is already out with our early spring application work, and have been for a couple of weeks.  First applications for our Turf Management group involves early spring fertilization, cool season broadleaf weed controls, and pre-emergent crabgrass/stiltgrass control products.  Our Turf Management division has continued to grow very nicely over the years, since its inception in 1982.  We have extremely loyal customers, for which we are VERY grateful.  We are proud to offer the best products and use the most advanced application equipment available in the industry, and because we have a very long-standing staff of friendly and talented technicians, we can feel confident that every customer receives the highest quality service every time we visit your property.  That being said, I’ll offer that we are still looking for a few more good customers; those who either aren’t satisfied with the work they’ve received from another turf company, or who don’t want to or don’t have the time to set aside to make the necessary scheduled applications, or those who’ve recently moved into the area and are seeking a high-quality turf management service company.  If you’re interested in either full-season lawn service or just a single application or two (core aeration, liming, seeding, complete lawn renovation), we invite you to contact us, by phone (215-348-5553), on our web site ( and select Request Estimate), or by stopping in at the Garden Center and discussing your situation with one of our staff.  If an estimate is requested, we’ll be out to evaluate and measure your lawn (or any part thereof) within a couple of days, and will email (or mail if you don’t use email) an estimate with the specific costs of the work requested.

We’re once again really looking forward to having the weather continue to improve, for getting outside more regularly, for the days to get significantly longer, and for all of you to resume frequent visits to Lawn Depot.  See you soon.

Bob Button

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