Landscapes in November and December 2021

Dormant Feeding of Shrubs, Young Trees, Perennials, Ground Covers – The killing frost/freeze (temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below) puts all of nature (other than cool season grasses) into winter dormancy.  Feeding dormant plants increases root density and improves blooms and growth for the coming growing season.  All dormant fertilizing must be done with either ESPOMA brand granular fertilizers (HOLLY-TONE, EVERGREEN-TONE, PLANT-TONE, BONE MEAL, etc.) or formed fertilizer spikes, which are driven 12” to 15” into the ground just slightly outside the drip lines of the plants, using 3 fertilizer spikes for each 2” of trunk caliper 3’ above ground.

Dormant Pruning of Trees and Shrubs, Cutting Back of Perennials – Now that the plants are dormant for the winter, it’s a great time to do any pruning that you need to do to shape or manage the growth of trees and shrubs, and to cut perennials back, if you prefer doing this at the end of this season rather than before the beginning of next season.  Perennials send new growth up from their bases each spring, so all of this year’s growth should be removed before next year’s growth begins.  It is now also safe to dig (for transplanting) any young trees or shrubs.  They are dormant, and thus will suffer little or no transplant shock.  Be sure to get plenty of root if you’re digging up established plants; roots tend to roam wider in nature than in a growing nursery and you need to be sure to get enough of a root ball for the plant(s) to survive and reacclimate with little to no affect from the transplanting.

Winter Protection from the Elements and Pests – In the winter, when the ground is frozen, broadleaf evergreens (azaleas, rhododendron, etc.) are susceptible to wind burn (desiccation) from cold northern winds that take moisture from leaves that cannot be replaced from frozen soil.  There are two ways to keep your valuable plants from succumbing to this fate.  The first is with WILT STOP (an anti-desiccant spray), which acts like a sunscreen with moisturizer to keep moisture inside the plant.  The second is burlap or plastic that blocks wind and helps prevent sun scald.  Burlap also has a secondary function, particularly when there’s snow on the ground, as it protects from deer and other animals feeding on and damaging plants.  Another way to keep deer and other critters at bay is with regular and repeated applications of deer and animal repellent granules or sprays.  The garden center has a wide variety of protective/repellent products.  Come in and discuss your situation with our friendly staff for information to get you started.  Click here for our current store hours. You can protect all of your valuable shrubs from both the critters and the elements.

Birds in Winter – Along with the deer and other critters in nature, winter is also difficult on the birds we all enjoy all year, particularly when the ground is snow-covered.  Lawn Depot has a huge variety of bird feeders and the supporting hangers, platforms, and mounting equipment.  We also have lots of types of wild bird seed mixes, along with suet cakes, sunflower and safflower seeds, Nyjer seed for the finches, Zero waste mixes for patios and decks, and many types of squirrel baffles and guards.  We’ll be open all winter when your supplies run low and we offer lots of gift choices (including gift cards) for those who know someone who enjoys feeding the birds as we do.  Come on in and check us out. 

Holiday Gift Shopping – From gloves to pots to hand tools to gift cards and more!  We have lots of good stuff for your shopping enjoyment.  Make us one of your holiday gift shopping stops this year!  Whether you decide our merchandise fits your needs or not, remember to support your local small businesses this holiday season.  It really does matter!

            This is our last Newsletter for 2021.  We’ll resume next year, in early March, with suggestions on what you should be thinking about as we await the 2022 spring growing season.  We thank all of you who have been so loyal to us at the Depot for all these (47) years, and even those of you who’ve just found us recently.  2021 has been a great year for us, both in the Garden Center and the Turf Management Division.  The Lawn Depot family wishes you and yours a wonderful and healthy upcoming holiday season and New Year.  We look forward to seeing you over the remainder of 2021, during the winter, and again once spring bursts forth with the new growing season. 

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