Gardens & Landscapes in March

Gardens & Landscapes in March

Garden Clean-up and Spring Mulching

Like the lawn, all kinds of debris has blown into landscaped areas and gardens over the winter.  It should be raked or otherwise picked up, and the leftover mulch should be thoroughly scarified or removed and then replaced or replenished before the plants resume growth (usually mid-April or early May).  Once the debris is removed and the old mulch scarified or removed, trim/prune back perennials and overgrown shrubs, and apply Garden Weed Preventer and a 2-3” (cumulatively) layer of new mulch.  Lawn Depot sells a wide selection of mulches, in both bags and bulk, and we deliver 7 days a week for your convenience. For best results, re-apply Garden Weed Preventer every 6 weeks through July.

Protecting Shrubs, Bulbs, Perennials, & Small Trees from Hungry Animals (Including Deer)

Rodents and wild animals alike are hungry at this time of the year.  This is particularly the case this year because of the continuous snow cover throughout February.  Now that Nature is coming back to life and plants throughout the landscape are producing new buds and growth, we are continuously susceptible to varmint and animal damage, particularly at night.  Lawn Depot sells a variety of plant-protecting sprays, granules and barriers for vulnerable plants.  Apply chemical repellents every two weeks throughout the spring and summer to protect your lawn and garden.

Bird Feed, Feeders, Houses, and Nesting Boxes

Over the years, we’ve become ever more enthusiastic about feeding our feathered friends all year round.  So, we’ve gotten deeply involved in selling all the birding supplies needed to attract the nicest birds, to have them nest on our properties and to keep them happy and healthy.  We encourage all of you to stop in and peruse the Birding Department.  I suspect we’ve got everything you’ll need to enjoy your birds as much as we do.

Online Shopping

We’re excited to announce that we are currently working toward the launch of our Ecommerce store.  Soon, you will be able to purchase many of the items you love via our online store.  Items will be available for pick-up or delivery (within specified zip codes).  Stay tuned!!

I suspect we’re all excited for spring to get started.  With all we’ve endured this past year coupled with the severity of this winter, maybe ecstatic is a better way to describe how we feel in anticipation of spring!  It is coming!  We certainly look forward to seeing all of you soon and often this season and beyond.  We can’t wait to see your friendly faces once again and discuss all the things you might want to work on in your yards in 2021.  See you soon.

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