March 2020

Welcome Spring!

Officially, spring is 9 days away.  In truth, winter has been all but non-existent, with only a couple very minor snow events and no extended cold spells.  The National Weather Service says this winter is the warmest on record, thus replacing the winter of 2017.  There’s certainly the possibility of a significant snow event in March, but the long-range weather forecasts aren’t showing anything.  So, fingers crossed.  We’re ready for an early start to spring.

Spring bulbs seem to be ahead of schedule, with daffodils and tulips really pushing growth and crocuses and snowdrops already blooming.  Trees are beginning to release pollen.  Perennials will soon start showing life anew.  Lawns, particularly those fed late last fall, are definitely starting to green up.  This is a great time of the year.  Mother Nature is coming alive!  

Spring Prep

Now is the time for spring clean up. Sticks, leaves, and other debris that have littered lawns and beds over the winter must be picked up or otherwise removed.  Perennials and grasses need to be cut back before this season’s growth begins.  Lawns that weren’t mowed late last fall are most likely shaggy and in need of an early cut before growth starts in earnest. Mulched beds must be scarified in preparation for this spring’s layer of fresh mulch.  Lastly, all power equipment needs servicing (sharpened blades, new spark plugs, fresh gas and oil, etc.) before use this spring.  Get all of these not-so-nice chores before spring explodes upon us or you’ll be fighting to catch up all spring.  So, get out and get going now!

Turf Management

This is the beginning of our Turf Management’s 41st year, and we’re proud that this high-quality service division of Lawn Depot, Inc. continues to grow nicely.  As one of the largest independent Turf Management companies in our area, we care for more than 4500 lawns in the Central Bucks and Eastern Montgomery Counties .  We have the best trained, friendliest service technicians and support people.  Lawn Depot Turf Management use the safest and most effective products available and utilize the best application equipment in the industry to ensure consistent quality and results.  We offer several annual program options to better tailor our services to your needs.   Plus, a variety of additional application services (seeding, core aerating, liming, lawn renovation, and insect control among others).  If you’re not currently a Lawn Depot Turf Management customer and might be interested in our services (select applications or annual program) for 2020, please call (215-348-5553) and speak with one of our staff or leave a message (including email address, please), or find us on the web at and request a quote.  We’ll respond within several days with an evaluation and quote.

The Lawn Depot Garden Center 

Starting our 47th year, we’re now open every day.  Monday through Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5 and Sunday 9-3.  The store is fully stocked with all the fertilizers, grass seed, pesticides, tools, planters, growing supplies, mulches and soil amendments for all your gardening needs.  The Nursery Yard is coming alive!  Soon we’ll be moving perennials out of our hoop houses, bringing in new perennials and small shrubs, plus annual flowers and veggies!  So many wonderful choices for your gardens, pool yards, patios and planters with colorful beauty you’ll enjoy season-long.  Our friendly and knowledgeable Garden Center and Nursery Yard staff is ready to answer all your gardening and planting questions.  We’re happy to help you with the “hows and whens” of lawn applications, and to offer solutions for any problems you encounter.  Call or drop in early and often this spring; we’re ready to help you achieve your lawn and garden goals.

                                                                        Bob Button

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