Landscapes in late fall & winter

Dormant Feeding of Small Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Bulbs and Ground Covers – Landscapes and woodland areas are heading into hibernation now, with the exception of  lawns and some cool weather lawn weeds.  Scatter granular fertilizers liberally over or at the base of perennials, ground covers and small shrubs and water in thoroughly.  Be sure NOT to allow any fertilizer dust to remain atop the perennials or shrubs, as it may burn tender foliage.  Larger shrubs and smaller trees are best fed with formed fertilizer spikes inserted 12-15” deep in the soil at the drip-line of the tree or shrub.  For drip-lines located in the lawn, be sure to make holes deeper than the roots of the lawn.  This will prevent the turf from robbing the value of the fertilizer spike.  Leave holes open after inserting spikes.  Rain will activate fertilizer and the holes will fill in over the winter.

Pruning, Cutting Back Perennials, Shrubs, Trees – Perennials can now be cut back to the ground and trees and shrubs can be pruned without risk of re-growth or re-sprouting.  Some of you may prefer to cut back specific perennials (grasses, liriope, etc.) in spring, in order to enjoy their beauty over the winter.  I prefer to have the landscape clean for the winter.  It’s personal choice.  Just be sure to cut back any perennials left over the winter before new growth starts next spring.

Winter Protection from the Elements – Many broadleaf shrubs need protection from the cold, burning winds of winter.  Those with northern or western exposures are particularly vulnerable.   Protective measures include building burlap barriers around them or applying an anti-desiccant spray (WILT STOP) to the foliage, or both.  Wind isn’t the only problem.  Bright sun reflecting off of the snow covered ground caused leaf burn too.  We were fairly blessed last winter to not have any prolonged freezes with high winds.  But beware it is common in this region.  Better to have prepared and not need it than to be unprepared and get blasted.

Winter Protection from Deer and other pests – Vulnerable plants also need protection from the “Pests of Nature”.  Deer, rabbits, and other varmints have a tough time finding enough food when there’s snow on the ground.  Voles and ground mice feed on lawn grass under the snow.  We carry a variety of safe pest control products, in both granular and ready to spray forms to help you keep the pests at bay over the winter.  If you have active feeding, you’ll need to start with a liquid repellent.  Once you get control of the situation, you can switch over to a granular repellent.  We have several options in both liquid and granular.  Stop in and discuss your problem with our friendly staff.  We can help you with the right product for your situation and the how-to and when-to use them.

Feeding the Birds – Bucks County is truly blessed with a tremendous variety of beautiful birds!  From cardinals to blue birds and blue jays, to goldfinch, grosbeaks, woodpeckers and chickadees.  I love to enjoy these guys all year long, from feeding to the nesting boxes. Others prefer to feed birds only in the winter, when they need our help because nature doesn’t offer enough to keep them going.  We offer feeders for pole-mounting, hanging from trees or railings, attaching to window panes and squirrel proof options too! We have a wide variety of feed mixes to help attract these beautiful creatures while you’re pent up over the next few months.  We’ve got what you need now and all winter long.   Bird feeders and feeding systems make great gifts, whether for yourself or for loved ones.  Come on by and take a look!

Our Hours, Thanks & Holiday WishesOur winter hours will begin on December 23rd.  We will be open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.  We will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  Remember, you can always call us for our hour’s information or visit our website anytime at Hopefully, you’re still motivated to finish 2019 right!  By doing what’s necessary now you’ll ensure you’re yard will look the best in your neighborhood next spring!  We love knowing and serving you, our terrific customers! And we love hearing about and seeing the beautiful results many of you share with us.  You make work fun for us!  We wish all of you the very best of holidays ahead and hope you’ll visit us before and during the winter.  Until spring returns and your passion for your lawns and gardens begin anew in 2020, be well.


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