Lawns in November & December

Mowing and Leaf Removal  – Grass is still growing and leaves are still falling.  We encourage you to continue managing both of these actions through the end of November.  Because soil temperature is still warm and we’re getting regular rainfall now, lawns are still growing pretty fast.  We don’t want leaves to accumulate on lawns or allow lawns to get ragged from lack of regular mowing.  Therefore, we recommend continued mowing every 7-10 days until overnight temperatures dip below freezing several times per week.  Only then will lawns really slow in growth rate.  Bear in mind that grass won’t completely stop growing until the soil nears the freezing point.  At that point, we’d like lawns to be leaf-free and mowed at a height of about 3”.

Late Fall Seeding – Because of the recent rains and continued mild overnight temperatures, seed will continue to germinate nicely in November.  At the Lawn Depot, we modify our seed mixes as we get deeper into late fall.   At this point we recommend late spot seeding and/or overseeding with our EVERGREEN blend of perennial ryegrasses.   We strongly encourage adding PENN MULCH or TACK STRAW to thin or bare areas to hold the seed in place and keep it moist.  We also encourage you at this time to regularly water seeded areas through germination .  It’s only when overnight temperatures are dropping below freezing fairly regularly (more than 1-2 times a week), that it’ll be time to stop considering seeding for 2019.

Fertilizing with LAWN DEPOT WINTERFEAST TURF FOOD – Want your lawn to be the envy of your neighborhood next spring?  WINTERFEAST is the key!  This is the most important feeding of the year for lawns.  Cooler overnight temperatures have slowed our lawns’ top growth. Soil temperatures are significantly warmer than air temperatures now.  Warmer soil means roots continue to grow nicely as tops of lawns slow.  Lawns fed at this time of the year will use the nutrients absorbed now to build better, deeper roots this fall.  Holding onto this stored energy until early next spring,  they will green up quicker and look lush long before others that didn’t receive the benefits of WINTERFEAST.  We LOVE this feeding!  Withhold WINTERFEAST until around Thanksgiving if you fed the lawn in September or early October.  If you haven’t fed the lawn yet this fall, apply WINTERFEAST anytime now.

Liming in the Late Fall – Our soils are naturally acidic. Soil pH in our area is typically in the 5.5-5.7 range when lime isn’t applied regularly.  In this pH range, much of the fertilizer nutrients are not available to the plants.  Liming annually, improves the soil pH, making a higher percentage these nutrients more readily available to the grass plants.  Lime may be applied anytime there is no snow covering the ground.  You can apply lime once or twice a year, but lime regularly for a better, healthier lawn.

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