Landscaping in the Early Spring

Garden Cleanup and Spring Mulching – Beds and landscaped areas are in sore need of cleaning up. Leaves, newspapers, and other debris have blown under shrubs, weeds and grasses have popped up everywhere, last year’s mulch is crusty and thin, and edges of all the beds have become ragged and sloppy looking. Perennials still hanging onto last year’s dead stems need to be pruned back to the ground before new growth begins next month. Some shrubs need pruning or shaping before they come to life. Be sure though that you aren’t pruning those that are spring bloomers (Azaleas, Rhododendron, Forsythia, etc.) or you risk cutting the blooms off.

Also, all mulched areas need to be re-mulched for the spring growing season. Be sure to apply garden pre-emergent (Treflan or Garden Weed Preventer) with your new mulch, to keep weeds at bay. The store is fully stocked with bulk and bagged mulches. March is the best time of the year for all of these cleanup and prep jobs, so make the time and get to work. It’s a huge, ugly job that is best spread out and tackled early. You’ll be glad you did!

Protecting Shrubs, Bulbs, Small Trees from Deer and Other Pests – Crocuses, tulips, and other spring-blooming bulbs are breaking out of the mulch; perennials, evergreens, and deciduous shrubs are going to be sprouting new growth shortly. Deer, mice, voles and other varmints, who have been hard-pressed for food all winter are hungry, so now is the time to make every effort to keep them from ruining many of our favorite plants. Remember, one attack overnight can decimate plants and shrubs that we’ve worked hard to establish and maintain. There are lots of products at The Lawn Depot, both in granular, liquid concentrate, and ready-to-use forms that can help us keep these pests at bay, but they must be applied regularly because they are of varying periods of effectiveness, and the protection must be constant. Consistency in the application is key. Come into the store and discuss the options offered and the pests you’re trying to control. And remember, these products are all deterrents, not pesticides; they offer smells and/or tastes that the target pests find objectionable.

Bird Food, Feeders, etc. – Come in and check out our complete line of products to attract all kinds of birds (including hummingbirds) and repel squirrels. We have feeders, poles, baffles, houses, and a wide variety of bird food mixes. Come on in and look at the line of excellent birding products we offer. Many birds return to the same yards or territories every year. If you want to attract certain birds to your yard, putting up a house and/or feeder for them would entice them to stay for the season. We also carry bat houses for those of you who would like a natural way to combat mosquitos. Beneficial insect houses are all the rage now and we have numerous sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. So, stop in and check them out!

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