Landscapes in April

Planting Annuals (Flowers and/or Vegetables) in April– As alluded to above, annuals do not do well in cold soil.  They are also vulnerable to frost and/or below freezing temperatures.  In our growing zone (Zone 6) the typical last frost date is in mid-May.  With this in mind, we advise that you refrain from planting tender annuals in the ground until sometime in May. Annuals in pots can be set outside somewhat earlier as long as they can be protected (covered) in case of a cold snap. Also, these vegetables are frost hardy and can be planted in the ground in mid-late April: lettuces, cabbages, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and larger seeds like peas and onion sets. We’ll be bringing in select annuals later in April because we accept the fact that gardeners are anxious to get going in the spring, and we know that grocery chains and big box stores are already selling annuals, but we’ll remain cautious with our advice.

Planting Perennials– Perennials last from season to season; they don’t die at the end of the growing season.  Thus, they can be planted whenever the ground isn’t frozen.  Realistically, however, perennials are mostly sold when they are actively growing, so you can see what you’re buying.  Lawn Depot has lots of healthy, actively growing perennials, as well as those just waking up in our Nursery Yard now.  We grow the majority of our perennials and are feverishly potting up hundreds of new plants every week.  Early spring bloomers are in bud or showing color now, some late spring and summer bloomers are leafed out and some later growers are still in immature leaf. That’s why we’ve got several horticulturalists on staff dedicated to helping you to choose the perennials that are best suited to your taste and situation. Come in often and check out what’s new!  And by the way, for perennials that you already have in your gardens, now is the time to split and replant or share with friends and neighbors, and to cut back any old stalks and leaves before this year’s growth gets going.

Fertilizing Landscape Plants– Permanent landscape plants (young trees, shrubs, perennials, bulbs, ground covers) should be fed twice each growing season: as growth begins in the spring, and after the growing season ends and plants are dormant in the fall. Fertilize trees with formed fertilizer spikes, driven 6-12” into the soil at the trees’ drip line, using 3 spikes for every 2 inches of tree trunk caliper measured 3-4’ above the ground. Shrubs, perennials, bulbs, ground covers should all be fertilized with slow-release, high-organic granular fertilizers broadcast over the top of the soil or around the base of the plants and then thoroughly watered in.

Mulching in April– Before you order and/or spread your spring layer of mulch, it’s critically important that you clean up (pull weeds and grass, scarify old mulch, cut back perennials, spread pre-emergent garden weed preventer) and re-edge all beds. Then order or pick up enough of your favorite mulch to have 3 inches of cumulative mulching the beds.  Too much mulch and you smother plants; too little and you have weeds and baked shallow roots.  Lawn Depot has a wide variety of bagged and bulk mulches for pickup or delivery. We currently deliver 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday). During busy spring times, we prefer that you give us 1-2 days’ notice and provide us with detailed instructions on where you would like your mulch dumped in your driveway. WE WILL NOT DRIVE ACROSS YOUR LAWN to dump mulch.   We don’t permit our trucks to leave the pavement or gravel.  The last thing we want is to see your lawn damaged by a mulch delivery!

Insect, Disease, and Pest Control on Susceptible Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Perennials– In order to keep all of our valuable landscape plantings healthy and thriving, we must be vigilant to keep them safe from insects, rodents, deer and other pests, and diseases.  Lawn Depot has a complete supply of pest control products in granular and liquid forms. We also have the experience and knowledge to advise you how and when, as well as how frequently to apply these safe and effective products.  Please don’t wait till you’ve got a problem to call or stop by.  Vigilance and a proactive approach is best, but we’re here for those problems that sneak up on you too.

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It is time to get out and enjoy the wonderful weather of our Bucks & Montgomery County spring. The days are longer, the temperature pleasant, and there are lots of things to do in our yards. We look forward to visiting with all of you this spring and beyond.


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