Landscapes and Gardens are Waking Up!

Garden Clean-up and Spring Mulching – Messy is the word that comes to mind in early spring in our gardens.  Old mulch is caked and cracked, much of it is washed or worn away; the beds are filled with sticks, leaves, and debris that have blown in over the winter; and last year’s annuals/perennials may not have been removed or cut back.  Clean up the beds BEFORE the growing season begins.  Then scarify all of last year’s mulch or remove it altogether if it’s been accumulating for several years.  When the beds are prepped, you’re ready for this spring’s new layer of mulch.  At the Lawn Depot we’ve got a wide array of premium bulk and bagged mulches and soils.  We’ll deliver it to your drive or you can pick it up at the store.  Be sure to apply a garden pre-emergent (Treflan or Garden Weed Preventer) with your new mulch, to keep weeds at bay.

Protecting Shrubs, Bulbs, Perennials from Hungry Varmints (including Bambi) – Now that the gardens are beginning to come alive with new spring growth, and even though we’ve had a very mild winter, our varmint friends are hungry and active, out each night and wreaking havoc with our prized shrubs and plants.  You can protect all vulnerable plants above and beneath the soil with REGULAR applications of repellent sprays or granules.  The Garden Center has several tried and true product lines to choose from.  Don’t let these furry visitors get ahead of you.

Bird Food, Feeders, etc.  – Come in and check out our complete line of products to attract all kinds of birds (including hummingbirds) and repel squirrels.  We have feeders, poles, baffles, houses, and a wide variety of bird food mixes.  Come on in and look at the line of excellent birding products we offer.  Many birds return to the same yards or territories every year.  If you want to attract certain birds to your yard, putting up a house and/or feeder for them will entice them to stay for the seasonWe also carry bat houses for those of you who would like a natural way to combat mosquitos.  We have pollinator houses too!  So, stop in and check them out!

Online shopping – Running short on time?  Sending someone to pick up for you?  It’s as easy as placing your order online through our ecommerce store.  Go to and click the SHOP button.   Place your order and we will have it ready for you when you need it.  Items are available for pick-up or delivery (for a fee within specified zip codes).  You can always call the store to place an order as well. 

We’re ready!  Are you ready too?  We look forward to seeing all of you with great regularity this spring and beyond.  We’ve been in this business a long time, and it never gets old or stale.  I’ve looked forward to seeing all of you each spring since our humble beginning in the spring of 1974 and I still enjoy it!  See you all soon and often.

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