Ready, Set, GROW!

You know, with the remarkably mild winter we’ve just experienced, I’ve kind of been holding my breath all of March, afraid that we’d get hit with that cold March blast/storm that would freeze and/or smother all the new bulb growth or freeze the swelling buds on magnolias and other early blooming trees.  It happened last year; not the snow, but the hard late freeze.  But as I write this in late March, we haven’t had anything to slow the onset of another gorgeous Bucks County spring.  EVERYTHING is ahead of the calendar this year: daffodils are in full bloom everywhere, along with the crocuses and other minor bulbs, lawns (both grass and early weeds) are springing into action, and deciduous trees are about to erupt with this year’s flowers and leaves.  Perfect!

 April, of course, is the month that is arguably the prettiest month of the year, with all the flowering plants in the landscapes, and with the emerald green lawns springing to life.  April is also arguably the busiest month of the year.  Lawns are growing extremely fast, with the cool nights, warming days and ample rainfall.  Mowing lawns should be done every 5-7 days to keep up with the vigorous growth.  Set mowers at 3 ½ -4” to prevent clippings from laying on the lawns.  April is the month for DIMENSION pre-emergent crabgrass control (along with early spring fertilizer) applications.  It’s also time for spraying cool season broadleaf perennial weeds (ground ivy/creeping Charlie, chickweed, wild violets, etc.) with liquid broadleaf herbicide.

 Landscaped areas must be tended to as well in April.  Old mulch must be scarified or removed before adding new mulch.  If you didn’t prune back your perennials at the end of last year, you have to do it immediately, before the new growth makes it impossible to access the old growth.  Then perennials, shrubs, flowering and other smaller trees are ready for their spring feeding.  Last year’s weeds must be removed from the beds and the first application of granular weed preventer should be spread.  For best results in controlling weeds in mulched areas, re-apply weed preventer every 6 weeks through July. 

Lawn Depot Turf Management is well into its early spring fertilization, pre-emergent crabgrass control, cool season weed control and spring core aeration jobs.  And, as always, if any of you who read this and are not currently Turf Management customers (for either regular application work or core aeration and/or liming) we encourage you to look us up on the web ( and select Request an Estimate, give us a call (215-348-5553) or stop in to speak to our knowledgeable staff.  One of our turf professionals will be out to measure and evaluate your lawn (or part thereof) and we’ll email you a proposal for recommended or requested services. 

The Garden Center is now in full swing, open every day, filled to the rafters with all the products and tools you’ll need for tending your lawns and gardens.  Spring hours at the Garden Center are: Monday through Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5 and Sunday 9-3.  Our staff is thrilled to be seeing lots of people again, and, as always, they’re ready, willing and able to discuss with you, any challenges you may face in your lawn and/or gardening experiences. We look forward to seeing all of you, soon and often this spring.

                                                                                    Bob Button

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