Grow Your Garden this Fall… Perennials & Shrubs are on Sale NOW!

Dormant Feeding of Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and Other Desirable Plants in the Landscape –– Once deciduous trees are fully in color and dropping leaves (usually around mid-October), it is time for dormant feeding of trees and shrubs.  Trees, shrubs and evergreens (except those planted within the last year and well-established trees), perennials and bulbs will benefit from a dormant fall feeding.  With shallow-rooted trees (small evergreens) and shrubs, we recommend that you use an organic-based, slow-release fertilizer, such as Espoma’s Holly-tone, Plant-tone or Tree-tone.  Scatter liberally beneath the branches, over the roots and scratch the surface to ensure that the fertilizer gets into the root-zone.  With taller evergreen shrubs and trees and with all deciduous trees, we prefer formed fertilizer spikes inserted at the dripline at an approximate depth of 12-15” in the ground.  Use 3 spikes for every 2” of tree caliper at chest height.  Use a hardwood stake or a crowbar to punch the holes in the ground.  Do not fill in the holes after dropping the fertilizer spikes in them.  This allows water to enter the feeding zone more easily, thus activating the fertilizer faster.

Planting in the Fall – Whether you’re planting or transplanting trees, shrubs, perennials, or fall mums and asters, the time is right now.  Planting now allows for some root development before winter cold hits.  Fall root development (and mulching) will help prevent heaving of new plantings.  All of our lovely perennials and shrubs are currently 30% off in the nursery yard.  So, come in and look around for fall bargains, and feel absolutely confident that plants bought and planted in the fall will do great.  Be sure to use a good, slow-release fertilizer or Espoma’s Bio-Tone Starter Plus when prepping the holes before planting.  Then mulch well (3 inches or so, to prevent winter heaving), water in thoroughly, and enjoy the beauty now and next spring.

Deer and other Pest Repellents – I don’t know about all of you, but the deer and rabbits have been driving me crazy this year.  I’ve been applying my spray about every 2 weeks since May.  I use liquids, but many others prefer using granular products or both.  We all spend too much money, time, and effort on our shrubs, perennials, and flowers to share them with our crepuscular visitors.  If you’re in the same boat as me, come in to the Lawn Depot and browse among our pest control area.  We’ve got lots of different ways to exclude these varmints from our landscapes, and lots of experienced people with whom you can discuss your particular situation.

Early Fall Wild Bird Care – It’s September and just like plants, birds and other backyard creatures sense that winter is coming.  Some bird species migrate, while others stay put.  Either way, this is the time when birds experience a heightened appetite (hyperphagia), which enables them to gain weight quickly.  This added weight protects them against the elements and gives them additional energy to either migrate or keep warm.  As part of your feed options, providing some higher calorie foods will go a long way to helping them, so keep your feeders filled!  Here at Lawn Depot, we have a terrific selection of bird feed, suet, mealworms, etc.  While you’re at the garden center, check out our wild bird feeders, baffles, houses and more! 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing tons of commercials for everything pumpkin, a sign that fall is close at hand.  We hope that all of you are out of your “summer” moods and ready to tackle all of the chores awaiting you in your yards this fall.  And we hope that you’ll include The Lawn Depot as your go-to source for all lawn and garden products and services.  We’ve got lots of time for problem solving, and always look forward to seeing those of you who we’ve known for many years, and to meeting and getting to know those of you who we’ve not yet met.  See you soon.     



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