Fall is for Planting, especially Grass Seed.

At the beginning of last month, we were a bit worried about weather conditions going into the best time of the year for lawns and landscapes; there’d been regular rainfall for most of the summer, and lawns and landscaped areas had done beautifully.  Then we hit a 2-week period of not much meaningful rainfall and well above normal temperatures in early September.  Fortunately, as usually happens with our fall weather, everything started happening the way it’s supposed to: we’ve had beautiful, mild weather since mid-September, with plenty of regular, soaking rainfall.  As a result, lawns soaked up the early fall fertilizers and turned dark green, weeds absorbed the fall herbicide applications and disappeared from our lawns, lawns that were being core aerated got great plugs, and newly applied grass seed germinated quickly and established well.  Meanwhile, colorful mums, asters, pansies, and fall-blooming perennials are replacing the annuals that had graced our beds and planters all spring and summer.  So, as we get into October, everything looks terrific.

 We’re well aware that some of you haven’t yet gotten into the “Fall Is For Planting” mood quite yet, so let me remind you that by no means are you too late for doing any of the above-mentioned yard activities, and achieving great results before the end of the 2023 growing season.  If your lawn hasn’t been fed since the spring and looks a bit anemic, feed it now with Lawn Depot organic-based, slow-release fertilizer.  Then, follow that feeding up with our high-nutrient WINTERFEAST fertilizer around or after Thanksgiving for deeper, denser roots and a greener start next spring.  If you haven’t done your fall weed control, do it now; the perennial weeds are still growing actively, and thus, can be eliminated.  And there’s still time for overseeding lawns if you act quickly.  The soil is still warm; temperatures are still mild; there are still roughly 2 months left in this year’s lawn-growing season.  We’ve encouraged and cajoled homeowners for 50 years now, to take advantage of the wonderful growing conditions we enjoy every fall.

Lawn Depot Turf Management is finishing up their regular early fall application work (broadleaf weed control and early fall fertilization) along with continuing our fall core aeration and seeding jobs.  Because of the fantastic weather, we’re thrilled with the results of the early fall work so far, and expect this weather (and our results) to continue as we go deeper into the fall season.  We’ll be starting our WINTERFEAST late fall feedings shortly.   And, of course, if any of you who are not yet Lawn Depot Turf Management customers might like to consider joining our program, either for services this fall (WINTERFEAST application, core aeration and liming) or 2024 services, please call us (215-348-5553), or find us at our web page (www.lawndepotinc.com) and select “Request an Estimate”. 

Lawn Depot Nursery Yard is overflowing with hundreds of lovely fall mums, ornamental kale and cabbage, and other colorful plants, as well as thousands of beautiful, healthy perennials and ornamental shrubs.  Remember, it’s safe now to plant, transplant, or otherwise move all plants in the landscape.  Winter dormancy will be upon us mid-month.  The Garden Center is still fully stocked with all the quality grass seed, fertilizers, herbicides, and all the tools and other gardening and birding supplies you might need.  Until October 22nd, Lawn Depot will continue to be open every day (M – F 8-6, Sat. 8-5, and Sun9-3).  After October 22nd, we’ll still be open every day, but will close at 5:00 weekdays.

We have a terrific staff of people at Lawn Depot, in the Garden Center and Nursery Yard, and in our Turf Management Department.  We look forward to seeing all of you soon and often, either in person or on the phone, and working with you to address any and all challenges you may face with lawns and/or landscapes.  You’ll always find a friendly and knowledgeable face to help you!  We love it, and have for a long time! 

                                                                                    Bob Button

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