September 2021 Newsletter

When I first sat down to write this Newsletter, it was September 1st.  A cloudy day with the remnants of Hurricane Ida expected to pass through southeastern PA sometime that afternoon.  I was applauding the local effects of the two previous hurricanes that had passed our way earlier in late August. They had gotten us out of a hot, dry 2-week period.  From our slanted point of view (all things lawn oriented), the first two events had been gentle, softening the top several inches of soil and making conditions ideal for our important early fall maintenance activities: weed control, fertilizing, core aerating, and seeding. 

I expected more of the same from Ida.  Boy, was I wrong.  Driving around our area the last 10 days and seeing the incredible destruction from both the flooding and the accompanying tornados it made me realize how vulnerable we all are. Even in this wonderful region where we live, nature can be unpredictable.  We sincerely hope that you all are safe, that any damage done on your properties and/or homes was minimal.  And those of you who suffered serious damage, we feel for you and hope your recoveries will be quick.  Meanwhile, we all have work to do in our yards.

September is the most crucial month of the year for upgrading lawns and landscaped areas in our yards.  Actually “fall” (for lawn work) begins in late-August if the weather cooperates, as it has this year.  The plentiful and soaking rains have softened soil several inches deep. Conditions are perfect for core aerating, weed control, and seeding lawns, as well as for planting trees, shrubs, and perennials in beds.  By the time you read this, my hope is that you are well into your “early fall” lawn & gardening chores.  Those who are still on your summer hiatus, get going.  Conditions are still perfect, there’s lots to do, and time’s a-wasting.

 Lawn Depot Turf Management Updates

Lawn Depot Turf Management is well into our early fall regular weed control and feeding activities, and we’ve also taken advantage of the great soil conditions and are far along with our fall core aerating and seeding activities.  If you’ve gotten a proposal for either or both and haven’t yet activated, or if you’re already an active Turf Management customer and would like to order aerating and/or seeding this fall, please call or email your activation/request immediately. 

We have a great deal of work to do this fall, and time is always our adversary with aerating and seeding.  So, if you’re interested in core aerating and/or seeding this fall and are already an active Turf Management customer, please contact us right away.  If you’re not currently an active Turf Management customer, we apologize but we’re not able to add any new work for this fall.  We’ll be glad to evaluate your lawn later this fall and provide an estimate for the 2022 spring season immediately after the first of the year.  Just call (215-348-5553) or Request an Estimate on our web site (

 Lawn Depot Garden Center Updates

 Lawn Depot Garden Center is now open every day again. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm, Saturday from 8am – 5pm, and Sunday from 9am – 3pm.  And we have the Nursery Yard packed! Come see our colorful fall mums, asters, celosia, ornamental peppers, and thousands of healthy, thriving perennials for fall planting in beds and containers. Unfortunately, It’s time to rip out your annuals. They have given us so much pleasure all summer, but now look tired.  They’re done; get ‘em out and replace them with mums and asters for lovely fall color. 

The Garden Center store has everything you need for your lawns and landscapes in September.  Come check out our:

  • Tools and bags for clean-up
  • weed controls
  • seed for upgrading lawns
  • fertilizers for helping tired lawns
  • perennials and shrubs to recover from an active summer’s growth
  • insect controls if you need them for lawns
  • trees and shrubs
  • mulch for fall bed replenishment. 
  • & More!

We have everything for your gardening needs, and we’re ready to answer all your lawn and gardening questions. Stop by to keep things going, or get them started.  We’re waiting for you.

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