Landscapes in June, July, and August

Planting in June

Our Nursery Yard is still packed with lovely, thriving annuals (flowers and vegetables) in both flats and individual pots, and we’ve also got some upsized pots for filling in spots where either existing plants have died or you’d like to extend and existing array.  We’ve also got a nice selection of planters with flowers or vegetables for patios, decks, and/or pool yards.  Our ever-increasing selection of stunning perennials are overflowing with lush foliage and beautiful blooms.  It’s prime time for planting; you’ll enjoy the color all summer and for years to come.  Come in and browse; ask our friendly staff for ideas; discuss exposures and growth habits of perennials for your garden.

Fertilizing Annuals

Annuals are born in the spring and die in the fall, with the first killing frost (if they haven’t already been pulled in favor of more colorful fall flowers).  Because they are for this season only, our philosophy is to fertilize them weekly with water-soluble fertilizers that promote fruit/flower growth (Miracle-Gro, Schultz).  Water soluble fertilizers are absorbed by leaves and roots and immediately used by the plants.  Weekly feedings will produce magnificent flowers and fruits.  And because the plants will die at the end of the summer anyway, there is no chance of over-fertilizing them. 

Be sure, when using water-soluble fertilizers, to not allow ANY of this fertilizer to come in contact with perennials, shrubs, or any other permanent plants.  These fertilizers will over-stimulate permanent plants, force extravagant growth, and greatly weaken the plants for the future.  Concentrate your application; sprinkling with a watering can.

Controlling Problems in the Garden

 Whether insects, diseases, weeds, or varmints are where you don’t want them, Lawn Depot has the repellent, chemical control, tool, or defense mechanism to dissuade them in a timely and efficient Fashion.  Japanese beetles or black spot invading your roses?  We have solutions.  Weeds inundating your garden beds? We have the solution for that!  Deer and other cute (or not so cute) varmints chewing on your valuable plants?  We have repellents to deter them.  Whatever your situation, we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

We wish you all a wonderful and healthy summer.  Let’s all get back to doing what we enjoyed doing every summer before Covid.  And we sincerely hope that you’ll all find the time and the desire to come over to the Lawn Depot often during the summer.  We’ll be waiting.

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