September 2019

For the first 7 months of 2019 and for the second year in a row, we experienced significantly higher than normal rainfall in Bucks and Montgomery counties.  This produced several notable growing situations, some good, some not-so-good.  On the good side, we had record rates of growth on lawns, shrubs and smaller plants in the landscape, with lots of beautiful color on blooming plants.  On the not-so-good side, we’ve had to deal with lots of disease on lawns and shrubs, and incredible weed growth.  But now that we’re into September, the first full month of the best growing time of the year for lawns, and, to a lesser degree, landscapes, we’ve seen a significant lessening in both the frequency and amount of rainfall.  Over the past month we’ve actually had below normal precipitation, which is fine because we still have good overnight dews to keep Mother Nature moving.  In truth, the dry spell has highlighted weaker areas of lawns, which have gone off color, and weeds which remain green and obnoxious.  It is time to address these situations: take out the perennial broadleaf weeds with an application of liquid TRIMEC herbicide and overseed weaker sections of the lawns.  September, October, November and sometimes the first part of December are BY FAR the most important months of the year for lawns, for bringing them back from stressful summer weather with an early fall feeding with slow-release turf fertilizer, for removing perennial weeds at the end of their growing year, and for upgrading the quality and texture of lawns with the addition of fresh seed.

            September is still a bit early for pruning and dormant feeding of shrubs, perennials, and small and/or flowering trees as they’ve not yet entered winter dormancy.  But, it is certainly time for cleaning up beds by getting rid of weeds that have sprouted over the summer, pulling leggy and spent annuals and replacing them with fall-blooming mums and asters.  Scarifying crusty old mulch and replenishing it around the bases of shallow-rooted shrubs and perennials is important at this time as well.  September is also prime time for upgrading landscapes by adding shrubs and perennials to weak sections of existing beds, and by adding new beds.  Hold off on transplanting shrubs and trees in existing landscapes, until they have reached winter dormancy (mid-October on).

            Lawn Depot Turf Management is deeply involved in its fall activities: regular fall weed control and fertilizing, as well as the special apps of seeding and core-aerating.  We mentioned in our Late Summer Newsletter that because we’ve got a defined window of time for seeding and core aerating, and because we have a very heavy workload already scheduled, we would not be able to take any new customers for the rest of the fall season for regular or special application work, but that if existing customers were interested in adding services we would be able to add them.  We must amend that statement at this time to say that we can only take additional fall work for those customers who are currently active for other services for 2019.  We are happy to evaluate your lawn later this fall for the 2020 season and send out a proposal just after the New Year.  We hope none of you are inconvenienced by these restrictions, but our window opportunity in the fall is limited by weather conditions and our capacity has been reached earlier this season.

            The Garden Center is fully loaded with colorful mums and asters, cabbage and kale, and lovely perennials and shrubs in the Nursery Yard, and with tons of quality Lawn Depot seed blends and turf fertilizers, with all the tools, pesticides, pest control products and fertilizers to make and keep your landscapes healthy and thriving.  We also still have bagged and bulk mulches available for either pickup or delivery.  We are open every day: Mon. through Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-5, and Sun. 9-3.  Come in and shop, and make your yard the prettiest in your neighborhood.  We also have a very friendly and talented staff, both in the store and nursery yard, and we’d love to help guide you through problem areas in your yards, or help you with advice on lawns and landscapes.  Call for help (215-348-5553) or look us up on the web (  We’d love to assist you with your yard and gardens this fall.     

                                                     Bob Button

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