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30″ One Touch Rain Wand Orange


Key Features:
– Effortlessly save water while tending to your garden.
– Enjoy a gentle, full flow for swift and efficient watering.
– Achieve total control with a single touch of your thumb.

– Aluminum: Lightweight and sturdy for prolonged use.
– Zinc: Enhances durability and resilience.
– Brass: Provides structural integrity and longevity.
– TPE Rubber: Ensures a comfortable grip and additional protection.
The Dramm Rain Wand is the original full-flow shower head nozzle, delivering a swift, full-flow watering experience without risking harm to your plants or disturbing the soil. Trusted and endorsed by professional growers worldwide, it’s a must-have tool for garden enthusiasts.

Crafted with a combination of impact-resistant plastic and high-quality aluminum alloy, it features 3/4-inch Garden Hose Threads (GHT) for easy compatibility with standard hoses.

Sold out!

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