Nature’s Mace Snake Mace 3lb. Shaker


Snake MACE goes to work fast, repelling snakes before they become a bigger issue. Snake MACE is a potent, time-released formula, that provides all-season protection. It works any time of the year. Snake MACE works on all types of snakes. It works on Garter, Black, Water, Queen, Ribbon, Copperhead, and Cottonmouth snakes. If you are dealing with poisonous snakes, call a pest control expert. It also works on Iguanas and small reptiles, such as geckos and lizards.

Snake MACE uses more of the most powerful active ingredients. Snake MACE helps protect gardeners, children, pets, farm animals, and all outdoor enthusiasts from snakes. A home-friendly and safe snake repellent that helps prevent snake entry, roaming, and foraging. (When used as directed).


For the first application, apply Snake MACE granular repellent heavily and evenly over yards, gardens, lawns, trees, shrubs, sheds, barns, flowerbeds, and areas where snakes may be present. Apply directly on and around areas. Re-apply every 2 weeks to maintain control.

In areas where snake visits are heavier and more intense, additional and/or more liberal applications may be required. This will eventually train snakes to avoid and stay clear of treated areas. Repeat applications as necessary. If you are trying to protect a specific area, create a light and even 2-4-foot-wide band around area(s). This may not repel on direct contact with snakes. Be patient. It may take a full day or two for snakes to be discouraged by the repellent applied areas. Please use label precautions when applying. Do not apply during heavy wind. Re-apply after frequent or heavy rainfall. This product is not recommended for indoor use.

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