Nature’s Mace Skeeter Mace 40oz Concentrate


Works as a natural insecticide against mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, aphids, flies, moths, crickets, no-see-ums, chiggers, Japanese beetles, and other unwanted biting bugs. Keep your area clear of insects without harming your lawn, garden, or family. Our sprays are designed to effectively control outdoor pests, without harming you or your pet. Skeeter MACE helps to prevent flying and crawling insects from latching onto your pet. It works to reduce the bug population in your lawn and yard. It’s a plant-powered formula, that anyone can use as a DIY yard bug solution! Its residue does not harm beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies.

Skeeter MACE uses safe essential oils that are proven to be effective against a multitude of insects. Our solution uniquely kills in all stages of a bug’s life cycle. It is fast acting, simple to use, and effective for prolonged periods of time. We use ingredients that target insects’ exoskeletons and interfere with their natural biochemistry. It works to repel and kill bugs at all costs while being home-friendly. Protect your family and enjoy being outside again!


Shake well before each use. For the initial treatment, apply liberally and evenly to any outdoor area’s bugs are present in. Spray alongside your home’s foundation and apply outwards to keep bugs out. Apply more frequently to break the egg cycle. Target mosquito larvae by applying to low-level vegetation and areas of water. Cover the entire area and slightly overlap areas. Apply at least one hour prior to an outdoor event. Spray again within 5-10 days, or as needed, to establish control. Re-apply every month for ongoing prevention. Reapply after heavy rainfall.

Skeeter MACE can be used directly on plants to kill insects. Apply directly to plant foliage, including the undersides of leaves. Apply as needed, or once every 1-2 weeks, to help protect plants. Apply ready-to-use spray directly to the soil as a soil drench. This product is effective against ground insects and prevents dirt mounds.

Mix at a 32:1 ratio or 0.80 fluid ounces per 1,000 square feet. Skeeter MACE concentrate is highly concentrated and must be properly diluted to avoid damage to plants. For the concentrates, this product requires mixing with water in a lawn or garden application sprayer. See the back label for mixing ratios.

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