Nature’s Mace Rodent Mace 40oz RTU


🐁 Repels Mice, Rats, and other Pesky Rodents – Fast!

🌱 A Natural, Humane, and Biodegradable Solution. Eliminates the need for poisons in sensitive areas.

🚗 Safe and Effective for Indoor and Outdoor Use. Used for Protecting Vehicles to Prevent Expensive Rodent Damage.

💥 Industrial Grade Strength, Perfect for Commercial Applicators. With Sticking Agents that Will Not Easily Wash Off.

👏 Fast Repellency that Trains Rodents to Keep Out! With a Fresh Minty Scent Rodents Can’t Stand!

You can safely use Rodent MACE in and on basements, cabinets, kitchens, closets, decks, sheds, attics, crawlspaces, patios, garbage cans, boathouses, warehouses, barns, RV campers, campsites, picnic areas, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, and anywhere else rodents are a nuisance.

It can also be applied to tractors and equipment cabins. Rodent MACE can be used to protect wire harnesses and can save you hundreds of dollars in possible damage. This can be used for both indoor and outdoor protection. It works in all seasons


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