Nature’s Mace Dog Mace 2.2 lb. Granular


Apply daily for the first 7-10 days. Initial applications should be heavy and frequent to discourage bad behaviors. Although it can instantly deter, do not expect to apply once or even twice and experience instant results. Every dog breed and situation are different. The repellent also operates as a training tool and may take time and repeat applications to work.

Typically, and especially for outdoor use, heavier applications yield better results. We recommend you buy the concentrate sprays for outdoor use, to cover more area. With the concentrated sprays you can better control application frequency and strength. Our Dog MACE Granular repellent is the best choice to discourage dogs from digging.

It is important to apply Dog MACE as early as possible before dogs create territorial markers. Dogs are attracted to another animal’s scent. They fight for territory by “marking” areas as their own. They also get accustomed to “going” in the same area, especially if it’s their territory. Applications and results may vary depending on how ingrained habits are and how often they use an area. Whether or not it is a domestic or stray dog may affect product results. This product can be used as a spray to defend yourself against dogs. We are not responsible for injury or damage, caused directly or indirectly by product use.

Most Importantly:

Before using Dog MACE, you must remove any fecal matter or urine odors. You should clean up and deodorize the soiled area (or objects) to remove the scents of other dogs. Enzymatic cleaners work great for this. Doing this will discourage dogs from remarking so that the product can work to prevent new soils. Dogs may initially try to roll in, or even dig at the mace, to try and reclaim the area. After consistent product use and training, dogs learn to avoid treated areas. The objective of Dog MACE is to train dogs to stay away. Remove any outdoor food sources dogs may be attracted to. Avoid using fertilizers and mulches containing blood, bone, or fish meal. Dogs are often attracted to these scents.

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