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16″ Rainselect Wand Berry


Nine Distinct Patterns: From a gentle mist for delicate seedlings to a revitalizing shower for mature plants, choose from nine versatile patterns including Sweeper, Jet, Shower, Mist, Flood, Cone, and Flat.
– Thumb Control Shut-Off Valve: Effortlessly manage water flow with a single touch of your thumb, eliminating the need for strenuous squeezing common in other watering tools.
– Efficient Water Savings: Seamlessly transition from one plant to the next while efficiently conserving water, making every drop count.
– Durable Construction: Crafted from lightweight spacecraft-grade aluminum, this Rain Wand offers a perfect blend of durability and maneuverability. The rubber over-mold provides added protection at high-wear points, ensuring years of reliable use.

Sold out!

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