October Tips for Lawns and Gardens

A month ago, as I was writing our September Newsletter, we were still in the throes of a very damaging summer for lawns (particularly) and landscapes.  Now, in early October, the difficult summer is well in our rear-view mirrors.  Over the past several weeks, and including the remnants of the devastating hurricane Ian, we’ve had terrific, soaking, regular rainfall.  Our ground is perfect for lawns and landscapes: warm and moist to several inches deep.  We sincerely hope that none of you had family and/or property that was harmed by Ian’s ravages.  We also hope that your damaged lawns and landscapes have pretty well recovered from the difficult summer weather, but want to remind all of you that areas of your lawns that haven’t yet come back won’t.  They’re dead, and need to be renovated: scarified and reseeded immediately in order that they will be fully repaired before the winter.  We’ve still got great growing conditions for lawns, and will for another 6 weeks or more, so get after the repairing immediately.

October is an important month for both lawns and landscapes.  Lawns are still growing actively and need to be mowed regularly (at 3-3 ½”).  Leaves, as they begin to fall on lawns in earnest, MUST be removed regularly through mid-November, either by raking/vacuuming them or by chopping them up as you mow.  Still time for any seeding needed to restore lawns to full beauty this fall.  Still time for broadleaf weed control, except in areas where you need to seed; it’s now too late for both this fall and seeding takes precedence.  And, of course, there’s still one more fertilization: WINTERFEAST, the most important feeding of the year.  In the landscape, we’ve now entered the dormant part of the growing year, which means dormant feeding can be done; perennials, shrubs, and trees can be pruned back safely without regrowth; systemic insecticides can be applied to susceptible trees and shrubs to protect against damage next spring; planting and/or transplanting of mums and asters (for fall color) and trees and shrubs can be safely done from now until the ground freezes; and garden cleanup (weed removal, scarification of old mulch and the addition of a new mulch layer) can be done.  So, we hope you’re all still enthusiastic about yard work.  There’s lots to be done, and conditions are now perfect for getting to it.

Lawn Depot Turf Management is extremely busy at this time of year: we’re finishing off our early fall regular applications (weed control and fertilization) while we continue with fall core aeration and seeding jobs.  We’re thrilled with the number of you who have requested core aeration and seeding this fall!  We’ve got several dedicated crews working 6 days a week to get all the work done.  The conditions are perfect; plugs are 2”-3” long, and we can assure all of you that the results will be super for your lawns.  We’ll be starting our WINTERFEAST late fall feedings shortly also.   And, of course, if any of you who are not yet Lawn Depot Turf Management customers might like to consider joining our program, either for services this fall (WINTERFEAST application, core aeration and liming) or 2023 services, please call us (215-348-5553), or find us at our web page (www.lawndepotinc.com) and select “Request an Estimate”.  We’ll be out to evaluate and measure your property within several days, and will email (or mail, if you don’t use email) an estimate to you.

Lawn Depot Garden Center is still packed (both in the Store and Nursery Yard) with all the lovely perennials, mums, asters, kale and small shrubs you’ll want to plant in your beds and planters, and the tools, fertilizers and seed mixes you’ll need to repair/upgrade your lawns and tend to your landscaped areas this fall.  The Garden Center is still open every day (Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 8-5, Sun 9-3) and will continue with these hours daylight becomes scarce toward the end of the month, after which we’ll close at 5pm.  You can always check our website for our current hours.  As we get into mid-fall many of you will undoubtedly have questions about what you should be doing and when.  As those of you who have been with us during this 49-year journey know, we love and encourage questions and discussions with you about all your lawn and gardening situations.  We’ve got a friendly and very knowledgeable staff waiting for you, willing and able to discuss problems and challenges you may be experiencing with lawns and landscapes, and we’ve got the professional-grade products to help you get the best results.  Come on in, or give us a call.  We’re ready.

                                                                                    Bob Button

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