Landscape Tips for September, plus Animals, Insects & Birds

Too Early for DORMANT Feeding of Trees, Shrubs, Perennials – September is still part of the growing season for most plants in our landscape.  While they are still in their active growth stage, feeding may stimulate new growth, which will not harden off before winter.   Generally, winter dormancy begins in the landscape when the larger deciduous trees (maples, oaks, etc.) begin dropping leaves profusely.  However, if you are planting NEW trees, shrubs or perennials getting them off to a good start is essential.  Be sure to amend the soil with peat moss or a peat moss-based product (Coast Of Maine’s Penobscot Blend Complete Planting Mix).  Additionally, adding Espoma’s Bio-tone Starter Plus to the planting hole helps the plant take root and acclimate before winter sets in.  It’s imperative to mulch well (3-4 inches to prevent winter heaving), water in thoroughly, and enjoy the beauty now and next season.

Fall Clean Up– The first step to preparing your landscape for fall planting and the coming winter months is cleaning up all mulched areas.  Not only should you remove leggy, spent annuals, but you should spend some time removing the weeds that have cropped up or spread into your beds over the summer.  Digging up weeds in beds is a lousy job, but not getting rid of them is asking for a mess.  Weeds should be dug out with tools, not just pulled.  Get the whole root, not just the part above ground.  After de-weeding beds, be sure to scarify, or rough up the remaining mulch that has gotten crusty over the summer.  Moisture can’t penetrate crusted mulch, and it literally acts as a deterrent for good growth of plants in the beds.  Following de-weeding and scarification, it’s time to add your fall blanket of mulch.  We’ve got plenty of bulk and bagged mulches for you to choose from to enhance the appearance and protection of all planted areas of your landscape.  Pick ‘em up at the store or we’ll deliver them at your convenience.

Adding Fall Color to your Landscape – Now is the time for planting colorful fall garden mums, asters, etc. in beds, pots and planters around your properties.  Our Nursery is filled with various sizes of fabulous Mums, Asters, Celosia, Cabbage, Kale, Ornamental Peppers and Pansies, all ready and waiting for you to add another 4-6 weeks of colorful beauty to your landscapes.  Come on over and take a look at our fall themed hanging baskets and tub planters filled with beautiful fall colors.  It’s also a great time to browse our extensive selection of ornamental shrubs and perennials, all vigorous and ready to add to your landscapes.  If you’re not sure what plants are right for your situation, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help!  They’ll walk you through the selection process and help you determine what works best for you.

Control Next Year’s Insects Systemically NOW with BioAdvanced Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed Dual Action – Spotted lanternfly, leaf miners, aphids, lace bugs, borers, and many more sucking insects, as well as lots of leaf-chewing insects can be controlled next spring when we’re all busy with other gardening tasks, by applying BioAdvanced Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed Dual Action as a soil drench or in granular form around affected trees and shrubs now.  This preventative method has worked well for me for many years.  The best thing about doing it now is that it stays in the plant’s system, ready to work whenever any insect starts feeding.  Purchases made on or before 9/30/22 are eligible for rebate (mail in or online) by the manufacturer. The rebate gets you $5 on a $20+ purchase or $10 on a $35+ purchase.  Rebate requests must be postmarked no later than 10/31/22.

Animals, Varmints, Other Pests in your Yard – This summer has been particularly difficult, not just for deer, but most wildlife.  The lack of rain has sent them searching for water from any source it can be derived from, which has been the plants in our landscapes and gardens.  Without any steady, soaking rainfall, the decimation of valuable landscape plants becomes even more concerning as winter approaches.  Protect vulnerable plants with regular applications of animal repellents.  Lawn Depot has a wide variety of these repellent sprays (Nature’s Mace, Deer Stopper, Liquid Fence) and granular products (Deer Scram, Nature’s Mace) that won’t harm wildlife, but will protect the plants.

Everything Birds – We LOVE birds!  On your visits, many of you see the array of feeders and the birds enjoying them along our ramp at the garden center.  We carry a wide variety of bird feeds, from mixed seeds to straight feeds, plus feeders and mounting equipment, houses, baffles and squirrel deterrents, all year long.  Currently, all Wild Delight Bird Food blends are 30% off through September 30th!  We encourage all of you to add some feeders to your yards and enjoy the sheer beauty of the birds in our area, whether all year long or just in the cold weather.   Let your feathered friends know you’ll be there for them with a constant food source when the snow flies.

Rain, we desperately need it.  It’s time for Mother Nature to give us a break and to let us begin to repair the damage she left us with this summer.  Hopefully, by the time this Newsletter is in your hands, we’ll have had an up-tick in the moisture and a significant down-tick in the thermometer.  At least in the overnight temperatures, which dictate what we can and should be doing in our yards.  We’re ready and waiting to advise you with your lawn and landscape needs.  We’ve got the problem solving know how, and always look forward to seeing those of you who we’ve known for many years, and to meeting and getting to know any of you who we’ve not yet met.  It’s our pleasure to provide the assistance and answers you seek.   See you soon!

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