November 2020

Our November NEWSLETTER each year is always partly a reminder to all of you home gardeners that there’s still plenty of work to do on lawns and landscapes before the onset of winter, and partly a plea to remember that winter is not here yet and it’s too soon to put away the mowers, rakes, pruning shears and shovels.  We’ve had our first significant frost, so trees, shrubs, and perennials have started dormancy for the winter, but lawns are still growing, soil temperatures are still warm enough for new seed to germinate, leaves are still falling and blowing around neighborhoods, and the most important feeding of the year is upon us for both lawns and landscape plantings.  So, we urge you all to keep things going for another month at least, until after Thanksgiving, and until Mother Nature has settled in for her long winter’s nap.

 The 2020 growing season has really been a remarkable one: we’ve had regular rainfall throughout the spring, summer and fall and yet not too much to be able to get out and work in our yards, the summer heat never got oppressive, and this fall has truly been magnificent with its regular rainfall, continued mild temperatures, and now what has turned into a remarkably colorful fall leaf-turning season.  If it weren’t for the novel Corona Virus and all of the restrictions, mandates and vast changes to all of our lives, this would have gone down as one of the very best years on record in Southeastern PA.  Which is really saying something, since we’ve had beautiful seasons most years.

 Lawn Depot Turf Management has completed all early fall fertilizer/weed control applications, core aeration and seeding jobs.  We are now busily attacking our load of late fall WINTERFEAST fertilizer applications and late fall liming.  It has been a record-breaking year for the Turf Management group, and we’re now back out evaluating lawns for the 2021 season.  Any of you who are interested in using our top of the line, full-service Turf Management group for either complete, season-long application work or for special application single jobs (aeration, seeding, liming, weed control, etc.) in 2021, we invite you to either look us up on our web page ( and go to “Request Estimate”, or call (215-348-5553) to speak with someone from our staff. We’ll be out to measure and evaluate your property before the end of the fall growing season, and will mail/email an estimate shortly after the first of the year.

Our Lawn Depot Garden Center will continue to be open every day (except Thanksgiving) through the end of November (Monday-Saturday 8-5, Sunday 9-3).  We still have some lovely perennials and shrubs for planting this fall, while the ground is still warm.  These magnificent, healthy plants are on sale at 40% off to boot!  Inside the Garden Center, we’re still fully stocked with all the fertilizers you’ll need for late fall feedings on lawns and perennials, bulbs, trees, and shrubs.  We’ve still got grass seed for those of you who need to tend to construction damage or bare spots in your lawns.  We’ve also got the tools for fall cleanup work, we’ve got liquid and granular pest-control products for protecting vulnerable shrubs, burlap and anti-desiccant sprays for winter protection of broadleaved evergreen shrubs, and a full line of birding products (bird feeds, feeders, nesting boxes, squirrel repellent equipment, etc.).  We invite you all to come in and browse as you contemplate the jobs you’ll be doing for the rest of the fall season and throughout the winter.  We also have a very talented and friendly staff in the store and nursery, and we’d love to help you with any questions you may have or advice you may need on all things gardening and lawn.

This will be our last NEWSLETTER of the 2020 season, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have patronized The Lawn Depot this year and in years past.  From the lockdown in the spring that forced us to keep our retail facility closed to the public for most of the busy spring season to the many restrictions we’ve had to observe since the re-opening, you, our loyal customers have been wonderful.  We thank all of you.  We don’t know when our lives will go back to “normal” or just what “normal” will be, but we know that because we’ve got the best customers anywhere, we’ll be all right.  Again, we thank you, and we wish all of you continued good health, and a happy (if different) holiday season.  We look forward to seeing you soon and often as we go forward.

                                                         Bob Button


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