Landscapes in October

DORMANT Feeding of Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, and Bulbs – DORMANT is the key word with fall feeding of landscape plants.  In essence, when these plants have completed their seasonal vegetative growth and are readying for their long winter’s nap.  Feeding trees, shrubs and perennials from late October into early December stimulates root growth prior to winter, which will help them better endure the harsh winter weather and ready them to get growing next spring.  

Spotted Lantern Fly Control – Boy, did the lantern fly arrive to our neighborhoods in great numbers this year.  I’ve been hearing of their devastating presence for several years in areas north and west of Central Bucks County, but I’d not seen any on my property and heard only of a few of them from friends.  This year they arrived to my neighborhood in hordes.  Lucky me.  We’ve heard of the damage they can do to many fruiting and deciduous trees, where they attack new growth and leave behind ripe conditions for bacterial infections and disease.  In numbers they can cause significant damage to trees and crops.  If you’ve identified trees and/or plants in your landscape that have been attacked by the lantern fly and want to protect these plants for 12 months (systemically), we recommend applying BioAdvanced Tree & Shrub in October or early next spring. 

Cutting Back Perennials at the End of the Season – Perennials should be cut back to the ground once a year, at the end of the growing season (now) or before growth starts in the spring.  Some prefer to leave perennials untouched with attractive foliage that stays all winter or seed heads that feed the birds and other wildlife.  I prefer to get my pruning done in late fall, so that I don’t have to worry about it next spring, when there’s lots of other stuff to do.  This way, my beds will look neat all winter, and my spring mulching can be done without regard to old perennials that haven’t been cut back.  There’s no right or wrong, just preference.

Planting Trees & Shrubs, Perennials and Spring Blooming Bulbs in October – Trees and shrubs, either in containers or balled and burlapped, can be planted anytime now until the ground freezes.  Trees and shrubs that are currently in the ground in your yards cannot be dug and transplanted safely until they are fully dormant.  In our area this is not until the end of October or thereabouts.  Perennials and spring blooming bulbs can be planted now, the sooner the better if you’re planning to plant significant numbers of them.  At this point it’s still nice to be out digging in the gardens.  In November and beyond, not so much.  We highly recommend Espoma’s Bio-tone Starter Plus fertilizer when planting or transplanting.  It’s the ultimate starter fertilizer. Bio-tone Starter Plus is super charged with microbes and mycorrhizae to help new plants establish quickly, grow more robust root systems and experience less transplant shock. Unlike maintenance fertilizers that are generally spread on the surface of the ground and lightly worked into the soil, Bio-tone Starter Plus is added to the planting hole, where it is in direct contact with the roots.  Your plants will thrive, you’ll be thrilled with the results and Bio-tone Starter Plus will become a staple for whatever you plant in your gardens from now on!  We guarantee it!

Protect Valuable Trees and Shrubs from Hungry Deer and Other Pests – As the weather cools and food becomes scarce for our animal friends, they tend to become more brazen in their search for food, and our landscape plantings start looking better and better to them.  Since most of these guys are nocturnal in their scavenging and feeding, shooing them off becomes less and less effective.  We recommend REGULAR applications of one of our several lines of repellent products (available in granular or liquid) on and around trees, shrubs, and other plants that appeal to our animal friends.  None of these products are harmful to the animals.  Most applications should be repeated every 2-3 weeks for best results. 

Birding – Did you know that bird watching is the nation’s second most popular pastime?  The Lawn Depot is here to help you get started today!  We have a complete line of bird feeds, feeders, houses, and nesting boxes for our feathered friends all year round.  Feeding the birds is always fun, especially in the winter when food is not as readily available in nature.  It’s not only beneficial to the birds, but it’s therapeutic for us during the long winter months to watch these beautiful creatures in our yards and feeders.  And when you feed them in the winter, they’re likely to nest in your area next spring.  Any of our fine birding products would make a great gift for your bird enthusiast!

As always, we’re ready to answer all your gardening and lawn-related questions.  The Lawn Depot is a complete source for all your lawn and gardening products and information.  We look forward to seeing all of you several more times this year.  October, though a transitional month in nature, is still a very important month in lawn and garden maintenance.  We thoroughly enjoy working with you to help you achieve all your lawn and landscaping goals. So, come on in!

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