Landscapes in Late Fall & Winter

Dormant Feeding of Small/Flowering Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Bulbs, and Ground Covers – We have had our first frost; leaves are falling/have fallen profusely from deciduous trees; Mother Nature has officially begun her winter break.  With the exception of grass, which will continue to grow for another month or more.  Landscape plantings should be fed twice each year: in the early spring, as they awaken from winter dormancy, and in the late fall, after top growth has ceased.  In other words: now.  The Lawn Depot has various types of fertilizer products for landscape plants.  We recommend granular fertilizer for perennials, bulbs, ground covers, and small shrubs.  For large shrubs and trees, we offer formed fertilizer spikes, or stakes for easier delivery of nutrient into root zones.  The fertilizer applied now will greatly benefit the plants next spring, from a blooming, disease resistance, and general health standpoint.

Pruning, Cutting Back Perennials, Shrubs and Trees – Now that top growth has finished for the growing year, it is safe to prune and/or cut back plants without stimulating new top growth.  Perennials, for the most part, grow from their bases each spring.  They do not sprout new growth from branches, as do shrubs and trees.  Therefore, perennials should be cut back to the ground each year, before next year’s growth begins. They can be cut back now (and have the surface clean over the winter and into the spring for easy mulching), or the foliage/seed heads can be enjoyed all winter (by wildlife or us) and be cut back in the early spring.  Do not leave old growth on the plants once spring arrives.  It looks shaggy and tends to promote insect and disease activity.

Winter Protection from the Elements and Wildlife Pests – Because, in this area, we tend to have hard freezes (ground freezes solid) and thaws, some shallow-rooted and/or broad-leafed evergreen shrubs are susceptible to winter kill, or desiccation.  To protect these vulnerable plants from winter damage, either build burlap wind barriers (mainly on western and northern exposures, from whence the burning winds blow), and/or spray all leaf surfaces with Wilt Stop (an anti-desiccant spray).  Additionally, wildlife varmints, including deer, field mice, and many other species are hard pressed for food during the winter, when foliage and tender new growth are not available in nature.  They can cause significant damage to valuable, vulnerable shrubs.  Protect plants with regular applications (every 2-4 weeks) with repellent sprays or granules.  The Lawn Depot Garden Center carries a great selection of protective products and we’ll be more than happy to help you select the products that will best suit your winter needs.

Birds in winter – Like their 4-legged friends, birds struggle to find enough food in the winter, particularly when there is snow on the ground.  Feeding the birds is fun all year round, but in the winter, it is imperative for their survival too.  The Lawn Depot has a wide variety of bird foods, both mixes and straight grains like sunflower, safflower, and nyjer/thistle seed.  We have feeders that are stand-alone, pole-mounted, hanging, or window-attached.  We have products that repel the squirrels and other pests.  We offer boxes for nesting too.  We carry birding products all year round for those of you (like me) who enjoy the birds all year long.  These products also make great holiday gifts, particularly for people who can’t get out much in the winter.

Lawn Depot Gift Cards – For those of you searching for the perfect gift for the lawn, garden, bird or backyard enthusiast in your life, look no further!!  We will be happy to issue a gift card in whatever amount you desire and our gift cards don’t expire.  What could be better than a Lawn Depot Gift Card?!

Email newsletter and notifications sign up – For any of you who would like to keep abreast of our garden center winter promotions, please call us or visit our website at and select the Contact Us tab to submit your request to be added to our email list. 

Once again, we humbly thank all our loyal friends and customers for your patronage and friendship.  We’ve been at doing this for 47 years now and we still enjoy it every single day.  All of us at The Lawn Depot, both the Turf Management Department and the Garden Center and Nursery, wish all of you a healthy winter season and lots of good times with loved ones over the holidays.  And, we’ll be looking forward to seeing you all at least a time or two before we put 2020 behind us. 

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