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Lawns in April 2022

Fertilizing with DIMENSION Crabgrass Control – Most of you know crabgrass, I’m sure.  It’s an annual, grassy weed that grows aggressively in the sunny areas of your lawn.  Seeds begin germinating in May and continue germinating through mid-July.  In the cool spring, crabgrass grows slowly, and is frequently not noticed in lawns.  But in June, …

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April 2022

April: taxes are due; baseball seasons from kids to the Major Leagues start their seasons; Easter and Passover are celebrated; and our yards come back to life with great vigor.  April is really the epitome of spring for all of us who enjoy being outdoors: plenty of warm, sunny days, typically enough rain to make …

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March 2022

February and early March are always somewhat unpredictable weatherwise.  Last year the ground was snow-covered all of February and into March. It was a stretch to even think of spring as I sat to write my March Newsletter.  This year, we’ve virtually had no extended periods of the ground being snow-covered, and, because we’ve had …

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