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Lawns in May

DIMENSION Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control (With or Without Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer)– If you have not applied your pre-emergent crabgrass control this spring (it should be done EVERY YEAR if you want your sunny lawn crabgrass-free), you can still achieve 100% control with DIMENSION, even though crabgrass may have started germinating in some spots of your lawns.  …

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Landscapes in May

Planting Annuals in May– With the exception of some cool weather tolerant vegetables, most annuals should not be planted in the ground until after the last frost date (May 15-20 in this region).  Not only are most annuals (flowers and vegetables) NOT hardy if we have a late frost, but until we get well into …

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April 2019

All I can say about March 2019 is that it wasn’t as wet as last March, and we only had one moderate snow event.  Still, it’s been consistently cooler than normal. We’ve only had 1 day in the 70s as I write this Newsletter on March 27, whereas we normally have quite a few.  Thus, …

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Lawns in April

Fertilizing with DIMENSION Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control – Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed that germinates in all sunny turf areas. The seeds begin to germinate when soil temperatures reach 55-57 degrees for 72 consecutive hours.  In our growing region, this is usually in early May.  Crabgrass seeds will continue germinating through mid-July. Crabgrass MUST BE CONTROLLED …

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Landscapes in April

Planting Annuals (Flowers and/or Vegetables) in April– As alluded to above, annuals do not do well in cold soil.  They are also vulnerable to frost and/or below freezing temperatures.  In our growing zone (Zone 6) the typical last frost date is in mid-May.  With this in mind, we advise that you refrain from planting tender …

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