The Grass is Definitely Greener in May.

Crabgrass Control with DIMENSION – Early May is when crabgrass seeds typically begin to germinate in Southeastern PA, but not in 2023.  The unseasonably mild weather we experienced in mid-April warmed the soil enough to start crabgrass germination earlier than normal.  However, DIMENSION is the only product on the market that can both prevent germination AND kill seedlings AFTER germination.  If you have not yet applied DIMENSION and want a crabgrass-free lawn this summer, DO SO IMMEDIATELY and water in thoroughly to activate.  We have DIMENSION either with organic-based, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer or without nitrogen fertilizer.  For future reference, mid-late April is prime time for DIMENSION crabgrass control application.

Broadleaf Weed Control with Liquid Herbicide – Between late April and Mid-June, virtually all warm weather-active perennial weeds are actively growing; it is prime time to remove them from your lawns completely.  Dandelions, clover, plantain, ground ivy, wild strawberry: all have actively growing leaves and roots during this time, and therefore are easily killed without damaging desirable grasses.  One application of selective liquid herbicide (no rain in the forecast; no mowing for 24 hours after) will remove all weeds.  And for best results and a weed-free lawn next spring, re-apply in September.

Preventative Grub Control with MERIT/MALLET – Grubs are the larval stage of many beetles (primarily Japanese beetles for our purposes) that live in the shallow soil, beneath turf.  They feed on the roots of grass plants in the spring and fall, and can cause irreparable damage to healthy lawns if left unchecked.  The adult beetles cause damage to the foliage of desirable trees and shrubs, but seldom kill the plants.  Large populations of grubs, on the other hand can kill whole lawns or sections thereof if allowed to feed unchecked.  And the problem is that since they’re feeding underground, you won’t see the damage until it’s too late and the turf dies.  We recommend GRUB PROOFING your lawn every year.   The easiest and most effective way to achieve season-long grub control is to apply MERIT/MALLET granular insecticide every growing season, between mid-May and mid-July, before the grubs start feeding actively.  MERIT/MALLET is safe for pets and children; it works systemically by being absorbed into the grass plants and killing insects that feed on those plants.  One spring application will last for the entire growing season!

Fertilizing Lawns in May – If you’ve already fertilized the lawn this spring (either alone or in combination with DIMENSION Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control) do not feed the lawn again until June.  If you have not yet fed the lawn this spring, feed it now with Lawn Depot organic-based, slow-release 16-2-3 fertilizer. 

Seeding in May – Spring is a lousy time for general lawn improvement seeding, as I’ve said until I’m blue in the face.  Cool soil slows germination, roots establish poorly in cool spring soils and will not grow at all over the summer and typical summer weather will thin or kill most poorly-established turf, etc., etc.  So, if you feel compelled to seed this spring, keep it to a minimum and plan on overseeding these areas again in August or September, the best time of the year for lawn seeding.

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