Winter is coming… are your lawn and gardens ready?


It’s almost hard for me to remember being worried six weeks ago about the effects of the very difficult weather conditions we’d experienced over the latter part of the summer, and how much damage had been done to lawns and landscapes.  But the weather changed in mid-September, and for the last 2 months it has been absolutely magnificent: mild temperatures, regular and gentle rainfall that has kept the earth warm and moist to several inches’ depth, and no real early cold snaps that would interfere with lawn and landscape maintenance/repair/upgrade work.  Even the changing of the leaves, which I feared would be robbed of their beautiful fall colors because of the August drought, have been truly gorgeous.  I can’t remember a prettier fall, and in Southeastern PA, that’s saying something.  We hope you’ve all enjoyed it as we have, and we surely hope you’ve all made time to do all the critical fall work on lawns and landscapes, and that your yards have totally recovered from summer’s stresses.  We also hope you’re all continuing to mow your lawns regularly, are removing the leaves as they fall so they can’t accumulate on lawns and smother grass and have begun the end of season work (garden clean up, pruning and feeding shrubs and small trees, scarifying and upgrading mulched areas) for landscape beds.  And lastly, we hope you’ve all left time for your last, most important lawn fertilization of the year, LAWN DEPOT WINTERFEAST high nutrient, root-centric heavyweight fertilizer.  Below, we’ll get more specific about these late fall chores, but just remember that what you do between now and the hard freeze that marks the end of the growing season will majorly affect how good your lawns and gardens look next spring.

Lawn Depot Turf Management is now well into its late fall activities of WINTERFEAST FERTILIZING and fall liming, as we look to wrap up the 2022 season.  Our Turf Management group has also benefitted from the wonderful weather conditions these past 2 months and we’ve been able to get all of our core aeration and overseeding work done.  We will continue to evaluate and measure lawns for the rest of the fall, both for new work this fall (while time allows), then for next spring’s regular application work.  If any of you who might be interested in using any of the services of the best Turf Management Company in the Bux-Mont, give us a call (215-348-5553), stop in at the Garden Center, or look us up on the web ( and select Request an Estimate.  We’ll be out to look at and measure your property (or any lesser portion thereof, if you prefer) within a few days, and we’ll email (or snail mail) your estimate shortly after the first of the New Year.

Lawn Depot Garden Center will be open every day through the end of November, after which, we’ll be open Monday – Saturday and closed on Sundays until Christmas week.  Moving forward from Christmas week, we will be on our winter schedule.  Check our web site for current store hours of operation.  We’ve got tons of WINTERFEAST TURF FOOD in stock for all you do-it-yourself lawn people; apply anytime from now until mid-December for the extreme benefit to your lawns.  Any of you who might want to still throw seed down in weak areas/bare spots in the lawn can sprinkle EVERGREEN PERENNIAL RYEGRASS blend of 100% fine-bladed ryegrass.  The earth is still warm and this blend is our fastest germinating mix.  We’ve got all the granular and formed spike fertilizers for dormant feeding of shrubs, perennials, and small trees.  It’s now time.  And we’ve got pelletized lime for your lawns, pest-repellent products (liquid and granular) for deer, rabbits, and other hungry varmints, systemic insect protection products for trees and shrubs, all the tools you’ll need for work in lawns and gardens, and a complete variety of birding products: straight and mixed feeds, suet cakes, squirrel baffles, and lots of feeders and nesting boxes.  And, as always, we’ve got a knowledgeable and friendly staff to answer all your questions or discuss any challenges you may face.  We love discussing your needs and objectives with you and hope we can help you solve solvable problems.  Come on in; there’s still work to do and time to do it.

This will be our last NEWSLETTER of 2022.  We want to thank all of you, our long-loyal customers for helping make The Lawn Depot a meaningful local business for so long.  We wish all of you happy and healthy holiday seasons, we look forward to seeing you during the winter for whatever winter-oriented products you may need, and we certainly look forward to seeing you all in 2023.

                                                                                    Bob Button

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