Spring is Here – MARCH 2019

Spring is fast approaching and it’s time once again to prepare for this year’s growing season. Before writing each of my Newsletters, I always compare the previous year’s weather, growing conditions, and any other factors that came into play during this time. I’m writing this letter on February 27th, and it’s surprising to me how similar conditions were at this time last year; several moderate snow events, but none really more than 3-4”, significant fluctuations in daily highs and lows, meaning never much of a “deep” frost, and LOTS of wind. By the end of February, we had lawns beginning to green up; early-blooming bulbs peeking through the mulch, and LOTS of twigs and branches strewn about our yards and beds. It’s almost the same this year. Just a typical winter in beautiful Bucks County, PA.

I’m really hoping that from now on into the growing season of 2019, we get away from last year’s conditions. I’m ready for a more “typical” year weather-wise, with a mild, wet spring, a warm, dry summer, and a long, mild, wet fall. Last year’s record rainfall (over 20 inches more than normal, with no breaks from March through December) caused us many problems to deal with in our yards. Let’s hope we get back to normal weather this year.

The Lawn Depot, both in our Lawn & Garden Center (46th year) and Turf Management division (40th year) are off and running with the spring season. The store is fully stocked with all the lawn and gardening products and tools you’ll need for this year’s yard work. And the Turf Management Service is already off and running with early spring applications. We encourage any of you who are interested in the highest quality lawn services available to call us at 215-348-5553 or visit our website at www.lawndepotinc.com and request an estimate for lawn services for this year. We’ll be out within several days to measure and evaluate your lawn, and email you a quote. For those of you who have received an estimate and have not yet activated services, whether single applications (liming, weed control, core aeration, seeding, etc.) or full year’s programs, give us a call to activate at 215-348-5553. We’d love to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.

March is a very important month for lawn and yard work, even though the growing season won’t begin in earnest for another 5-6 weeks. Yards must be cleaned up from all the twigs and debris that have accumulated in beds, under shrubs, and all over lawns. Beds should be thoroughly scarified to loosen last year’s mulch layer and weeded prior to laying this spring’s mulch. Power equipment must be serviced and blades sharpened before they’re needed. Lawns should be readied for the spring growing season by raking up any leaves that have blown in and mowing if it is long and shaggy.

With Daylight Savings Time upon us (March 10th), we’ll have lengthening hours of daylight and warmer temperatures that will make it more pleasant to work outside. Let’s get a running start on Mother Nature this spring. We’ll typically have a disruptive snowstorm or two this month, but hopefully, with the warming earth and longer days, their effects won’t last long and we’ll be able to get right back to our outdoor activities.

The Lawn Depot Garden Center is operating on our spring schedule now: Monday through Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5, and Sunday 9-3. Our friendly and talented staff members are looking forward to seeing you all again, and answering all of your lawn and gardening questions. Plants will be coming out of our hoop houses and coming in from our growers as soon as the weather is steadily warmer at night. Although it’s a bit early for buying and planting annuals, perennials and shrubs, we’d love to chat with you about your plans for them when they’re actively growing and the soil is warm enough for planting.

Come on in and get yourselves ready for the spring of 2019. We’ll be looking for you!

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