Mole Scram Mole Repellent (10 Lb.)


Mole Scram Mole Repellent is granular, organic, biodegradable and environmentally safe. Guaranteed to keep moles away. Won’t harm animals, the environment and humans. Blended from selected organic components, it will keep moles out of your yard because it coats the worms, grubs and other insects moles eat with the disagreeable flavor of castor oil. Will change mole behavior. Apply as a spreadable repellent across your landscape, yard and gardens. Not water-soluble. Active ingredients: peanut hulls, castor oil, citronella oil, garlic oil. 4.5 lb. granular shaker covers 3,375 sq. ft. 10 lb. granular bag covers 7,500 sq. ft.

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10 lb.

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