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Home Safe® Brand Household Insect Killer Ready-To-Use, 1-Gal


This pest control is effective against most species of ant, cricket, fly, gnat, spider, earwig, midge, mite, millipede, moth, silverfish, stink bug, & waterbug. Our repellent can be used in cracks & crevices in walls & cabinets, beneath & behind appliances, sinks, cabinets, around plumbing pipes, garbage cans, dark corners of rooms & closets, & the window frames & doorways of attics & basements. Apply Home Safe along the foundation of your home, around window frames & doorways, around vents & utility line entry points, & along eaves. Home Safe provides a pleasant odor. This product contains plant oils that are inherently fragrant. For people who are fragrant sensitive, test a small area before using over a large area. This product is conveniently ready to use when it arrives. About Bonide: Bonide has been trusted since 1926 as the leader in providing the best possible products and solutions for home, lawn, and garden pest problems. Based out of Oriskany, New York, we continue to grow our reputation as a leader in the lawn and garden care categories by delivering the highest quality products alongside our great customer service. Our goal is to help consumers throughout their entire purchasing process by recognizing signs of trouble, developing the best solutions, and recommending the perfect products.

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1 gal.

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