Preparing and Protecting your Landscapes for Winter. Plus bring beauty and excitement to your Yard by feeding the Birds!

Dormant Feeding of Shrubs, Small Trees, Perennials and Bulbs – Landscape plants should be fed twice a year: when growth begins in the spring, and after the growing season has ended in the fall.  It is now safe for feeding any and all landscape plants. We recommend granular (HOLLY-TONE, EVERGREEN-TONE, PLANT-TONE, BONE MEAL, etc.) fertilizers for perennials, ground covers and small shrubs, scattered liberally over or at the bases of the plants and watered in thoroughly.  Be sure NOT to allow any fertilizer dust to remain atop the perennials and/or shrubs, as it may burn tender foliage.  For larger shrubs and small or blooming trees we prefer formed fertilizer spikes, inserted 12-15” deep in the soil at the driplines of the trees/shrubs.  3 fertilizer spikes for each 2” of trunk caliper 3’ above ground is recommended.  If the plant’s dripline is in the lawn, be sure to make injection holes deeper than the roots of the lawn.  Leave holes open after inserting spikes; rain/snow will activate fertilizer and the holes will fill in over the winter.

Cutting Back Perennials/Pruning Shrubs – Perennials must be cut back to the ground before next year’s growth begins.  It can be done now or next spring, whichever you prefer.  Some prefer a clean looking landscape over the winter, while others leave the seeds and seed head for extra food for wildlife.  One way is not better than the other, it is merely preference. Pruning of overgrown shrubs and trees can also be done at this time.  Bear in mind that if you prune some blooming shrubs (azaleas, rhododendrons, etc.) now, you’ll greatly reduce next spring’s bloom.  If you’re unsure and want to prune now, call or stop by to discuss your situation with our knowledgeable Nursery staff.   

Winter Protection of Hybrid Roses and Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs – Hybrid roses are grafted plants; the grafts (swollen areas near the ground on the trunks) are susceptible to winter damage if not protected against the freeze-thaw cycle of our winters.  Mound mulch around the bases of the roses, or construct a burlap wind barrier around the beds, or both.  Other tender shrubs that will benefit from mulch and burlap are crape myrtle, hydrangea and camellia.

Many broadleaf shrubs, particularly those subject to northern or western exposures which are exposed to the cold, burning winds of winter, should be protected from these winds by either building burlap barriers around them or by spraying their foliage with anti-desiccant sprays (WILT STOP), or both.  Wind isn’t the only problem.  Bright sun reflecting off of the snow-covered ground causes leaf burn too.  Beware, prolonged freezes combined with high winds is common in this region.  Better to be prepared and have a milder winter than to be unprepared and get blasted.

Winter Protection from Deer, Rabbits, and Other Rodents – Food isn’t easy for these wildlife neighbors of ours in the winter.  Deer and rabbits love to chew on the leaves and tender shoots of our valuable shrubs and small trees.  Voles and ground mice feed on lawn grass under the snow.  We can fend them off without doing any harm to them by spraying liquid repellent every 2 weeks or sprinkling granular repellent around the plants every 4-6 weeks with one of the many great products sold at the Lawn Depot.  Ask us how and when to apply.  We’re happy to help.  One last piece of advice, stay abreast of these creatures; they’re relentless.

Everything for the Birds – We love the birds all year long.  Some of us feed and enjoy them all year long.  But the birds NEED our help in the winter, when snow covers much of their natural food sources.  Lawn Depot has a complete birding department all year long!  We have all the feed mixes to help you attract the birds you’ll enjoy most while you’re pent up over the next few months.  In addition to that we offer suet cakes, window-mounted, pole-mounted, or hanging feeders, with or without squirrel deterrents, mounting stakes, shepherd hooks, bird houses (for next spring) and lots more.  We’ve got all the birding stuff you’ll ever need and we’ll have it available all winter long.  Bird feeders and bird feeding systems make great gifts, whether for yourself or for loved ones.  Come on over and take a look!  Feeding the birds is fun and it’s worthwhile too.  We also offer GIFT CARDS, if you prefer to let your family and friends pick out their favorite items!

As I mentioned earlier, this will be our last Newsletter for 2022. Keep an eye out for our first Newsletter in March 2023 as the new growing season gets started.  Our winter hours will begin the third week of December, when we will be open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.  Please visit our website at, our Facebook page or Google for our holiday hours.   Remember, you can always call us for hours information as well.  We hope you all are still in the mood for finishing up the 2022 growing year right by doing all that’s necessary to make your yards the best in the neighborhood!  We love knowing and serving you, our terrific customers, getting to know you and your properties and seeing the beautiful results many of you share with us.  You make work fun for us.  We wish all of you the very best of holidays ahead and hope you’ll visit us before and during the winter.  Until spring returns and your passion for your lawns and gardens begin anew in 2023, be well.

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