October 2021 Newsletter

It’s early October as I write this Newsletter; officially fall, but no cold weather yet so Mother Nature hasn’t yet entered winter dormancy.  We’re kind of in a holding pattern with landscaping activities: too early for the end of season pruning, cutting back of perennials and beds.  One way to replace this garden color is with the planting of lots of fall-blooming plants: mums, asters, celosia, and ornamental peppers.  And it’s still a great time of the year for lawns: weed controls, seeding, early fall feeding, and continued mowing.  Lawns love the cooler overnight temperatures and warm October days. Perennial weeds continue to grow actively and so can be removed from lawns easily.  We have tremendous dews overnight, which help with good, fast germination of seeding/overseeding jobs.  And, lawns have slowed in their growth but continue to need weekly mowing. 

Until we have a KILLING FROST (when the overnight temperature drops below freezing), we can’t get into late fall cleanup and cutback activities.  We look for the (deciduous) trees to be turning fall colors and dropping their leaves profusely, and for the killing frost, and ONLY THEN is the growing season officially over and winter dormancy has begun.

Lawn Depot Turf Management is currently finishing up with their early fall fertilizing and weed control activities and is wrapping up fall seeding jobs.  Fall core aeration jobs will continue into mid-November for those customers who are already on the schedule.  As mentioned above, this has been a terrific fall for seeding because of the regular rainfall, mild temperatures and heavy overnight dews.  It has also been a great fall for core aeration, and we’ve been doing a great deal of this very important soil conditioning activity.  Thank you all for your patronage.  As I’ve indicated in the past couple of Newsletters, we’ve had to postpone providing quotes on any more jobs for new customers for this year, but we’re accepting requests for next season.  If you’re interested, please give us a call or look us up on the web (www.lawndepotinc.com) and select Request Estimate.  Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll resume lawn evaluations for those of you who have requested estimates for next season, and we’ll be sending out our 2022 proposals shortly after the New Year.

Lawn Depot Garden Center is still open every day, and fully loaded with all the weed control products, fertilizers, quality turf seed mixtures blended specifically for our growing region, animal repellents and other tools and products for lawns and beds.  The Nursery Yard is filled with late-blooming mums in bud and bloom, asters and other colorful plants for fall color in your gardens and planters.  Plus, we’ve got great end of season deals on gorgeous, healthy perennials and shrubs for years-long beauty in your landscapes!  Come on in and look around.  And, as always, in both the Store and Nursery Yard, we’ve got the knowledgeable and friendly staff to help with any questions and/or problems you may be facing on lawns or in landscapes.  We’ll discuss it with you and help find the best solutions for you.

The weather’s still beautiful in October; we hope you’re all enjoying being outside as much as possible as the days get shorter and the colors of beautiful southeastern PA make us all smile regularly.  We look forward to seeing you often over the remaining 2-3 months of the 2021 season.

                                                                        Bob Button

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