November 2021 Newsletter Introduction

As I write this November 2021 Newsletter on November 2nd, we have not yet had a frost in Bucks County, PA, and certainly not the killing frost (where overnight temperatures drop below freezing) that signifies the end of the 2021 growing season.  Except for lawns, which will continue to grow for another month or so.  We do expect to have several killing frosts this week, so we assume that by the time this Newsletter is read, we’ll be well into winter dormancy, so all the dormant activities (cleanup, pruning, transplanting, dormant feeding of lawns and landscape plantings and more) will have begun in earnest.  Thus, most deciduous trees and shrubs will be defoliated now, so final leaf removal can be done on lawns; any further leaf fall can be controlled by the continued mowing, which should continue until lawns go dormant in December.

 Lawn Depot Turf Management has now completed all of our early fall fertilization, weed control, seeding and core aerating jobs, and are now actively into the late fall WINTERFEAST fertilizing and liming activities.  We are truly appreciative of all the seeding and aerating work you have given us again this fall.  We’re kind of in a self-imposed pressure cooker situation each fall in that we are so strongly in favor of regular fall overseeding and aerating lawns to improve turf quality, but we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Fortunately, the fall of 2021 has been truly ideal with regular rainfall and moderate temperatures throughout.  We are now actively inspecting and measuring lawns of potential new Lawn Depot Turf Management customers for the 2022 spring season, and will continue until the weather dictates that we stop.  So, if you’re not currently an active Lawn Depot Turf Management customer and might consider activating for 2022 for either one of our full-service programs or just a one-time special activity job (weed control, insect control, core aeration, liming, etc.), either give us a call (215-348-5553) or click here to be directed to our Request an Estimate page.  We’ll be out to look at your lawn within a few days and will mail/email an estimate shortly after the New Year.

Lawn Depot’s Garden Center is still open every day (through November, when we’ll begin our winter schedule).  Visit our website or click here for our most current hours of operation.  We’re fully stocked with WINTERFEAST Turf Food.  Apply this most important feeding of the year anytime between now and early December for subtle greening and significant root and crown development.  We also have plenty of dormant tree and shrub fertilizers, pelletized lime to sweeten soil, deer, rabbit and other pest repellent products (liquid and/or granular), and a full line of birding supplies, from the sunflower and mixed seeds, suet products and more to bird feeders, mounting supplies and squirrel baffles.  We’ve also got lots of perennials and small shrubs in our Nursery Yard, with attractive end-of-season pricing, and a knowledgeable and friendly staff to discuss your particular needs with you. 

 This will be our last Newsletter for 2021; as always, we’ve really enjoyed and appreciated all of your loyal patronage.  Fortunately, after the really screwy pandemic year of 2020, this year was a pleasant return to a more normal business year, and you, our great customers, have made 2021 a record year for us.  We thank you all, and look forward to continuing our relationships next year.  But don’t forget, there’s still plenty of work to do on lawns and landscapes over the next 4-6 weeks, so we expect to be seeing you several more times before the snow flies.

                                                                        Bob Button

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