Landscapes in June, July & August

Planting in June– Our Nursery Yard is still filled with LOTS of annual flowers, vegetables and perennials along with select shrubs for your evaluation and purchase.  We got a wide selection of individual plants in upsized pots for additional planting in your landscape or to replace plants that didn’t take well with earlier plantings.  We also have a very nice selection of planters with flowers or vegetables for your patio, deck or pool yard, as well as herb bowls, and hanging baskets.  Our ever-increasing selection of beautiful perennials is overflowing with lush foliage and beautiful blooms.  It is still prime time for planting; you’ll enjoy the color all summer.  Come in and browse; ask our friendly staff for ideas and discuss exposures and growth habits of perennials for your gardens.

Fertilizing Annuals– Annuals complete their lifecycle in a single growing season. Perennials are long lived, providing stability and enjoyment in your garden from year to year.  Annual flowers give the garden color all summer long (until frost). They can be planted in mass or just for pops of color here and there. Because we want annuals to give us color constantly and be as big and beautiful as they are capable of, we literally “grow them to death”.  From the day you plant annuals through the peak of their blooming period, we recommend that you fertilize them weekly, using water-soluble fertilizers. (MIRACLE-GRO, SCHULTZ or JOBE’S Organic) Water soluble fertilizers are readily taken up by the plants, through foliage and roots, and stimulate rapid and magnificent growth and blooms.  When using water-soluble fertilizers, be particularly vigilant to NOT ALLOW ANY OF THE SOLUTION to touch your PERENNIALS or SHRUBS.  Maximizing growth is good on annuals, but not so good on perennials or shrubs, as it will produce weakened, over-stimulated growth by the excessive nutrient.

Controlling Problems in the Garden –  Whether insects, diseases, weeds, or varmints are where you don’t want them, Lawn Depot has the repellent, chemical control, tool, or defense mechanism to dissuade them in a timely and efficient fashion.   Japanese Beetles or Black Spot invading your roses?  We have solutions!  Weeds inundating your garden beds?  We have solutions for that!  Deer or other cute (and sometimes not so cute) varmints eating your plants?  We have repellents to deter them!  Whatever your situation, we will do our best to find a solution for you!

Wild Delight Nut N Berry 10thAnniversary supporting Breast Cancer – Think PINK!  Join us in celebrating 10 years of fighting breast cancer with the makers of Wild Delight Birdfood!  The makers of Wild Delight and the American Cancer Society are working together to raise breast cancer awareness and save more lives, by offering a 10th Anniversary Special Nut N Berry 20# bag for just $24.99.  With each bag purchased, a portion of the sales will be donated to continuing the fight against this terrible disease.  Over the last 10 years Wild Delight has contributed $100K each year, which is used for research, lodging, support sessions, rides to and from treatment and toll free phone support to breast cancer patients and survivors.  Please show your support by purchasing your pink bag today!

We wish you all a great summer, filled with lots of fun family activities and vacations.  We hope you’ll all also include The Lawn Depot in your regular to-do lists.  We’re happy to help in any way we can! 

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