Landscapes in June, July & August

Planting in June – There is still plenty of time to plant annuals in both planters and your beds.  We have a nice selection of lovely annuals in 4 inch to 1 gallon pots, as well as beautiful hanging baskets and patio pots! Vegetables and herbs are also available! 

Our perennials and shrubs are top notch and are looking gorgeous!   Whether you need something for sun, shade or a bit of both, we’ve got great options for every situation!  More perennial varieties are being added almost daily.  Our knowledgeable staff is ready and can’t wait to assist you!  So, stop on by and browse our Nursery yard. 

Fertilizing Annuals – Annuals are born, grown and die within a single growing season.  Perennials grow from year to year.  We plant annual flowers for masses of summer color and vegetables for bushels of home-grown produce.  Because the annuals are going to die at the end of this growing season anyway, we’ve taken the approach of literally “growing them to death” during the growing season.  From the day you plant annuals through the peak of their blooming period, we recommend that you fertilize them weekly, using water-soluble fertilizers.  (MIRACLE-GRO or Schultz).  Water-soluble fertilizers are readily taken up by the plants, through foliage and roots, and stimulate rapid and magnificent growth and blooms.  When using water-soluble fertilizers, be particularly vigilant to NOT ALLOW ANY OF THE SOLUTION GET ON ANY PERMANENT PLANTINGS, like perennials or shrubs.  That which makes annuals beautiful will weaken permanent plants by doing the same thing: overstimulating growth.

Controlling Problems in the Garden – Whether insects, diseases, weeds, or varmints are where you don’t want them, Lawn Depot has the repellent, chemical control, tool, or defense mechanism to dissuade them in a timely and efficient fashion.   Spotted Lanternfly nymphs on your trees, shed or house?  We have solutions!  Japanese Beetles or Black Spot invading your roses?  We have solutions!  Weeds inundating your garden beds?  We have solutions for that!  Deer or other cute (and sometimes not so cute) varmints eating your plants?  We have repellents to deter them!  Whatever your situation, we will do our best to find a solution for you!

Mulching – If you haven’t already applied a fresh layer of mulch this spring, NOW is the time!   Both existing plants and newly planted ones will greatly benefit from a fresh layer of your favorite mulch.  The mulch will protect the plants’ roots from heat and help hold moisture at the root zone during summer dry spells.  Lawn Depot’s Garden Center offers a great selection of premium bulk and/or bagged mulches. Be sure to remove all existing weeds, then apply WEED BLOCK/TREFLAN pre-emergent weed control prior to laying the mulch.  We deliver 6 days a week and can dump it or stack it in your driveway (sorry, no off-drive deliveries). 

Pest Control – Whether your issue is insects, deer, or squirrels digging in or chewing on your favorite plantings, The Lawn Depot has options for their control that’ll be easy and effective.  Stop in to the store anytime and discuss your situation with our helpful staff.  We’ve been doing it for a long time, and it never gets tiring.

We’re now in the middle of the most beautiful time of the year.  Like you, we’re looking forward to the time when viruses and phases aren’t part of our everyday life discussions.  We are excited to visit with all of you often over the coming months, trying to make your jobs easier, your results better and your yards the best they’ve ever been!


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