Landscapes in April

Planting Annuals (Flowers and Vegetables) in April – The only annuals that can be planted in April are cold season vegetables and flowers.  Warmer season annuals should not be planted in the soil until all danger of frost has passed.  We know everyone’s eager in early spring and big box and grocery stores were already selling annuals in late March, but it is too early.  Plant in mid-May, fertilize regularly with either granular or water-soluble fertilizers, and stand back and enjoy.  Plant now and you’ll likely lose them to cold or they will be so badly shocked it could take months to recover.  Our Garden Center typically starts bringing annuals in around the third week of April, depending on the weather.  We’re not sure when we’ll have them this year due to the temporary closure.  Hopefully by mid-May we’ll be open for retail business.

Planting Perennials in April – This is the perfect time for planting perennials.  They’re in active growth, showing early beauty, and ready for transplanting in your beds.  We’ve got lots being brought out of our hoop houses every day and more on their way from growers.  The Lawn Depot nursery yard is beginning to come alive.  Even though we aren’t open to the public just yet, our perennials are ready for you!  If you would like to inquire about our perennials, please call or send us a message.  We would be happy to deliver your perennials to you!

Mulching in April – If you haven’t already done so, it is prime time for preparing all existing beds for their new spring layer of fresh mulch.  Old mulch must be either scarified thoroughly to break the leftover crust or removed entirely.  Weeds and debris that may have blown in over the winter must be removed and pre-emergent Garden Weed Preventer applied.   Perennials, shrubs, ground covers and bulbs must be fertilized.  Then you’re ready for your spring mulch.  We are DELIVERING bulk and bagged mulch, as well as pre-emergent weed control and fertilizers!

Fertilizing Landscape Plants in the Spring – All perennial plants, whether bulbs, ground covers, perennials, shrubs or young trees should be fed twice each year.  Only use granular or solid (spikes) fertilizers for perennial plants.  Water soluble fertilizers, while great for annuals, cause leggy and weak growth by over stimulating perennial plants.  Water soluble fertilizers should only be used on annuals; and should be kept away from permanent plants.  When using granular fertilizers, spread liberally over the root zones of all intended plants, making sure to keep fertilizer dust off leaves; scratch in to mulch, and water thoroughly.  Using fertilizer spikes, drive the spikes 6-10’ into the soil at the drip line of the tree/shrub, using 3 spikes for each 2’ of trunk caliper, 3’ off the ground.  Leave the holes open for rain to enter and activate the fertilizer.

Insect, Disease and Pest Control on Susceptible Trees, Shrubs, Roses, and Perennials –Plants aren’t alone as they wake up from their winter slumber.  So too, are insects that attack our valuable plants, shrubs and trees.  Juvenile Spotted Lanternfly will be emerging from their eggs to once again begin their feeding on our valuable trees and fruiting plants. We have a number of control measures available including some for edible crops and organic gardeners.   BioAdvanced Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed will control most varieties of chewing and sucking insects (including caterpillars) that attack our plants for the entire growing season with a single, systemic application.  Applied as a drench to the soil at the base of trees and shrubs, it is absorbed by the roots and translocated throughout the plant providing full coverage from the trunk to the branches to the leaves.   Whether insects chew or suck on leaves or burrow into bark, BioAdvanced’s systemic protection gets them!  It’s easy and it’s effective.  Use it every year.

Be sure to take advantage of our BioAdvanced Tree & Shrub Dual Action 32oz. Concentrate Reg. $25.99 – Sale $20.99 from April 7th through April 30th, plus a rebate you can either complete online or mail in that could save you up to $25.  That’s $5 for every BioAdvanced item purchased up to five.  Stock up now!  We will gladly email or mail your rebate to you.

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