June News 2021

June News 2021

The spring of 2021 has turned out to be an average (beautiful) spring in Bucks County: lots of sunshine, plenty of rain (except for the last 2 weeks of May), cool overnight temperatures and warm days, our last frost and our last overnight freeze was in the first week of May.  It has been perfect for the spring bulbs, flowering trees and shrubs, and certainly for lawns across the region.  I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly; I hope you all have too. 

Now, as, we get into June we have to get ready for the hot, typically dry summer months ahead. But don’t worry, we still have several weeks of lovely weather to enjoy. While the temperatures are still mild, we can still tend to plenty of lawn chores. Weed removal, grub prevention, late mulching, spring feeding, and weed, insect, & disease management in beds and landscaped areas, for example.  It’s also still prime time for planting annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees to enhance the beauty of all yards.  We’re all optimistic about the continued improvement in the battle with the coronavirus, and the re-opening of the economy as we enter this summer of 2021.  With the kids now out of school and home from college, we hope you’ve all got vacations and lots of outdoor activities planned.  Last year we were deprived; this year, we’re ready to enjoy.

Lawn Depot Turf Management continues to be very busy this month. Our regular late spring feeding, weed control and grub prevention activities are in full swing.  In addition, (as long as favorable weather conditions prevail) we’ll be continuing with our spring core aerations and liming activities. Our Turf Management group will also be doing lawn evaluations and making recommendations for fall seeding, if needed. We’ll continue to evaluate new customers’ lawns for both regular maintenance applications and special applications (core aeration, liming, seeding, etc.).  Either give us a call (215-358-5553) or request a quote and we’ll be out within a few days to look at, evaluate and quote you a price for the service(s) you’re seeking.

Lawn Depot Garden Center is in full bloom now, both inside, where you’ll find all the seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, tools, and gardening equipment you’ll need for your lawns and landscapes, and out in our Nursery Yard, where we have all of the annuals (flowers and vegetables) in several sizes, perennials in full bloom and/or foliage, and small shrubs you’ll want for your beds, pots, window boxes, and planters.  And, whether your questions are lawn or garden related, we’ve got the friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you find the best solution.  The store will continue to be open every day through June 27th from Monday – Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5, and Sunday 9-3. 

From June 28th through the 3rd week of August, we’ll be open Monday – Saturday 9-5 and closed Sunday. 

There’s still plenty of work to do in all yards at this time of the year; we hope you’ll all attack the many jobs with energy and fortitude.  And we hope you’ll all have time for a family vacation or two during the next 3 months.  The weather’s lovely, the area’s gorgeous, and the outdoor activities are endless.  We look forward to seeing you all often during this time. 

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