June 2019

The weather’s warm, the nights are still cool, we had enough, but not too much rain which kept everything green and lush. It’s June, and this year we have enjoyed a lovely spring. Last year we were underwater! In 2017 we’d already gotten into summer heat; spring 2019 has been magnificent, right from the start. We expect you’ve all been able to enjoy it. Hopefully, you’ve been spending significant time outdoors, cleaning up and planting your gardens, tending to lawns that continue to grow beautifully because of the cool nights and ample rainfall, and getting lots of good recreational activities in with friends and families.

            In June, there is still much to do in our yards before we get to the heat of July and August: weeds to be controlled on lawns and in landscaped areas, another feeding of the lawn with slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to subtly green the lawn all summer, regular (weekly) feedings for all annuals in beds, pots, and planters around the yard with water soluble fertilizers and vigilantly watch for (and control) insects and other pests that love to annoy us. And there’s still plenty of time for adding flowers, vegetables, perennials, and/or shrubs to the landscape to fill in blank spots or add color to existing beds. By mid-June, the Lawn Depot Garden Center like all other garden centers, will be having excellent plant sales while everything is at its’ best.

            Lawn Depot Turf Management is still very busy with our regular late-spring application work. Quite a few of you have gotten into spring and fall core aeration because it does so much good. We use the best equipment available and you can feel confident that we’ll do the work only when weather conditions are perfect. We have finished our spring core aeration, but still have plenty of room for the fall. If you would like to schedule fall core aeration, just give us a call. Also, we are still doing estimates for fall applications and special applications. If you’re interested in having us take over your lawn application chores, give us a call at 215-348-5553, find us on the web at www.lawndepotinc.com and request an estimate, or stop in and do so in person.  We’ll be out in short order to measure and evaluate your lawn, and email you an estimate. Please be sure to give us an email address, so we can contact you as soon as possible.

            Lawn Depot Garden Center is still filled with lush, beautiful annuals, vegetables, perennials, and shrubs in our lovely nursery yard, and with all the tools, fertilizers, planters, and pest control products in the store.  We’ve got the most friendly and talented staff to answer your questions and give you ideas for solutions that you seek in your yards. The store will continue to be open every day through the end of June from Monday – Friday 8-6, Saturday 8-5, and Sunday 9-3.  In July and August, we’ll be open Monday – Saturday 9-5 and closed Sunday. We hope you’ve all had as good a spring as you’d hoped for, that you’re all still enthusiastic about working in the yard over the summer, that you’ll all have a chance to get away for awhile with your families, and also that you’ll stop by the Lawn Depot regularly to pick up supplies, discuss challenges, or just to say hello.  We look forward to working with all of you.

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