Enhancing and protecting your Landscapes & Gardens this Summer.

Planting in June – Our Nursery Yard is PACKED with lovely, thriving annuals (flowers and vegetables) in both flats and individual pots, and we’ve also got some upsized pots for filling in spots where either a plant(s) has expired or you’d like to extend an existing array.  We also have a nice selection of planters for patios, decks, and/or pool yards.  Our vast selection of stunning perennials and shrubs provide wonderful options for your landscapes with lush foliage and/or beautiful blooms.  It’s prime time for planting; you’ll enjoy the color all summer and/or for years to come.  Come in and browse, ask our friendly staff for ideas, discuss exposures and growth habits of any of these lovely plants for your gardens. We are ready and waiting to assist you.

Fertilizing Annuals – Annuals complete their lifecycle in a single growing season.  These lovely flowers give our gardens color all summer long (until frost). Plant them en masse for large swaths of color or just for pops of color here and there.  Because we want annuals to give us color constantly and be as big and beautiful as they are capable of, we literally “grow them to death”.  From the day you plant annuals through the peak of their blooming period, we recommend that you fertilize them weekly, using water-soluble fertilizers (JACK’S Classic, MIRACLE-GRO, SCHULTZ).  Water soluble fertilizers are readily taken up by the plants, through foliage and roots, and stimulate rapid and magnificent growth and blooms. 

Controlling Problems in the Garden – Whatever your situation, we will do our best to find a solution for you!  We have organic, chemical and physical controls for insects, diseases, and/or varmints that may choose your address to spread their damage, and we’ve got the answers for how, when, and where to apply them to make your landscape safe and secure.  Come in and stock up on all the plants and gardening products you’ll need to make your landscapes look lovely and grow pest-free and healthy.   We love to working with you to make your yards things to be proud of.

Mulching for Summer Root Protection – If you haven’t already applied a fresh layer of mulch this spring, NOW is the time!   Both existing plants and newly planted ones will greatly benefit from a 2-3” of your favorite mulch.  The mulch will protect the plants’ roots from heat and help hold moisture at the root zone during summer dry spells.  Lawn Depot’s Garden Center offers a great selection of premium bulk and/or bagged mulches.  We request that you call several days ahead for delivery, so we can get your mulch to you when you need it.

For the Birds Stop in to take advantage of our June Birdfood Sale!  Save 30% off all sizes and varieties of birdfood.  Many people stop feeding birds during the summer months because they think there is enough food out there for them.  While birds do have some natural food (insects) available to them now, many birds supplement up to 25% of their daily intake from birdfeeders.  Better feeds, like Wild Delight, fortify their feeds with essential vitamins and minerals that help keep our feathered friends healthy!  So, come on by to take advantage of the sale, keep enjoying your feathered friends and feel good knowing you are making a difference.

It has been an unusual year so far, weather-wise; we really don’t know what to expect during the next several, potentially trying months.  We look forward to seeing all of you often during this time whenever you’ve got questions, need gardening or lawn products or tools, or whether you’re just in the area and want to say hello.   We love seeing you and are happy to help in any way we can!

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