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Q: Do you mow lawns?

A: No. However, we can refer you to a local mowing contractor if you are trying
to find one. Our best recommendation is to look for other mowing contractors
who are already in your neighborhood mowing for your neighbors. It is our
experience that a mowing contractor is more likely to add accounts to routes he
or she has already established. Just be sure to check with your neighbors to
see if they are satisfied with the work being done.

Q: Do your services include tree & shrub care?
A: No. We have chosen to focus in on lawn care to deliver the level of service
and performance our customers have come to expect.

Q: How do I know which maintenance program is best for my
A: Part of our job during the initial visit to your property is to evaluate the
turf density, weed level, soil conditions and sunlight exposure so we can
recommend the appropriate program and services to maximize your return on
investment in the lawn. Not all lawns have the same potential and we take this
into consideration when formulating a plan for you.

Q: Do I have to sign up for the whole program?
A: No. We are happy to provide only the applications you are interested in.
We’ll also help you determine which treatments are most important so you can
make an informed decision.

Q: What are your payment options?
A: We offer a 10% Pre-Pay discount to new and existing customers for services
paid in advance (minimum of 4 services). We also offer a monthly budget plan
(up to 10 month), which is calculated by dividing the total dollar amount for
work scheduled by the remaining months left in the calendar year. Or you can
certainly pay for services as they are performed. We accept cash, checks, VISA,
Master Card and Discover Card. We can also keep credit card information on file
and process payments as services are rendered.

Q: What is your guarantee?
A: Most of our new customers are referred to us from our existing customers.
Our current customers recommend us because we have a reputation for meeting
& exceeding their expectations & goals. That being said, if for any
reason you are not completely satisfied with any service we perform, we will
promptly do whatever is necessary to make it right. If we can’t make it right,
we’ll refund you the full amount of that service.

Q: Are the treatments safe for my children & pets?
A: Yes. When the instructions are properly followed our treatments are
completely safe for children and pets. Generally speaking the lawn is safe for
all when the dust has settled from granular applications and when sprays have
completely dried from liquid treatments. As with all services we perform, we
are happy to notify you before any treatment is applied to your lawn so the
proper precautions can be taken.

Q: I just started the program and my lawn is still filled
with dandelions. Why?
A: Dandelions are perennial weeds (live from year to year). Perennial weeds are
best controlled in the fall (last fall). Our program is designed to rid the
lawn of dandelions with an application of weed control in the fall, so the
dandelions are gone by the following spring.

Q: Can I mow my grass after it has been treated?
A: Yes and No! Most applications are granular & will not be affected by
mowing. However, when weeds are treated, we want the spray to absorb into the
plant for 1-2 days before the lawn is mowed (the more weeds in the lawn, the
longer you should wait before mowing).

Q: Why is preventative grub control important?
A: It protects the investment you’ve made in your lawn by preventing Japanese
beetle grubs from destroying the roots of your grass. Damage from grubs occurs
out of sight (just below the soil surface) and in most cases is only discovered
after damage has occurred. Adding preventative grub control to your maintenance
program ensures that grubs will not damage the lawn. We guarantee the results –
if grubs cause damage when under our preventative care, we’ll apply a curative
grub control and repair the damage for free.

Q: When is the best time to overseed my lawn?
A: Without question, FALL is the very best time to seed your lawn! Spring
seeding conflicts with crabgrass and broadleaf weed controls and young grass
only has a marginal chance of making it through the hot summer months. In the
fall, soil temperatures are optimal to encourage quick germination and
establishment, plus new grass has all of the following spring to mature before
the stresses of summer set in.

Q: When is the best time to core aerate?
A: Typically, core aeration is done in the spring (April / May) or fall (Sept.
/ Oct.), not in the summer. However, it really can be done during any time of
the year when the soil has sufficient moisture to pull a good plug and the
grass is actively growing. Core aerating is a great way to prepare the soil for
seeding, so if you plan to seed, be sure to aerate in the early fall.

Q: What is the purpose of applying lime to a lawn?
A: An application of limestone will raise the soil pH (reduce acid soil), while
adding valuable minerals to condition the soil. A less acidic soil (pH = 6.3 –
6.5) will allow more nutrients to be used by the lawn. Pelletized limestone is
the easiest form of lime to apply and the quickest to change the soil pH.