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Funnel Flip-Top Squirrel Resistant Feeder


With multiple squirrel-stopping features, this feeder is sure to leave your squirrels stumped! An easy-lock roof ensures that these pesky critters are not able to reach in and gorge themselves on seed. A built-in baffle deterrent creates an additional reach barrier between the roof and seed ports while spring-loaded weight-sensitive perches collapse under the weight of a squirrel should they try to jump from below.

The locking feeder roof features a built-in funnel shape to provide a 38% wider opening for easy filling which means less spilled seed and less mess! This feeder’s innovative design allows the base and feed ports to be removed for a more thorough cleaning without the use of tools to help you keep your backyard flock healthy.

Durable powder-coated metal roof and feed ports and a UV-stabilized tube make for a superior quality feeder that you and the birds will enjoy for years to come!

Sold out!

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