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Q: What are your store hours?
A: Our hours vary depending on the time of year. Check out the “contact
us” tab for the current hours. 

Q: Do you offer delivery?
A: Yes – to the local Central Bucks and Eastern Montgomery county area.
Most of our deliveries are for bulk and bagged mulches and soils; however we’ll
deliver anything we sell. We do not have a minimum order, but we do have a
delivery charge based on where you live and the volume of product being

Q: Do you sell nursery stock?
A: Yes, we sell shrubs, but not trees. We also sell a large selection annual flowers
and vegetables, perennials, ornamental grasses and ground covers.

Q: Do you have experts on staff that can assist with lawn,
plant and garden problems?
A: Yes, in fact our strength is our staff of lawn and garden
professionals. If you can bring a sample of the ailing plant into our store,
one of our experts will diagnose the problem and advise you on the proper
course of action to take.

Q: How much mulch do I need?
A: It’s easy to calculate if you know the area of your beds (length x width) and how deep you need to
apply the mulch. If buying bulk mulch, 1 cubic yard will cover approximately
100 square feet when spread 3” thick, approximately 160 square feet when spread
2” thick and approximately 320 square feet when spread 1” thick. For bagged
mulch, the coverage is the same once you determine how many bags equal 1 cubic yard.
Most of our bagged mulches are 3 cubic feet per bag, so 9 bags equals 1 cubic

Q: When is the best time to apply crabgrass pre-emergent?
A: The crabgrass control product that we recommend and sell is DIMENSION
(from Dow Agro Sciences). Although it is no longer new, it is superior to other
older, strictly pre-emergent crabgrass controls (Balan, Team, Halts). DIMENSION
is the only product on the market that both prevents crabgrass seeds from
germinating and kills newly germinated crabgrass seeds. Based on the unique
chemistry of DIMENSION, the ideal application date in our area is mid April.
However, if you need to seed in the spring (or if you missed the ideal
application date), you can apply DIMENSION as late as mid May and still have a
crabgrass free lawn all summer. Late season applications (mid May) do require a
heavier application rate to ensure adequate control of crabgrass that may have
germinated already.

Q: What time of year is best to overseed my lawn?
A: Without question, FALL is the very best time to seed your lawn! Spring
seeding conflicts with crabgrass and broadleaf weed controls and young grass
only has a marginal chance of making it through the hot summer months. In the
fall, soil temperatures are optimal to encourage quick germination and
establishment, plus new grass has all of the following spring to mature before
the stresses of summer set in.

Q: When is the best time to core aerate?
A: Typically, core aeration is done in the spring (April / May) or fall
(Sept. / Oct.), not in the summer. However, it really can be done during any
time of the year when the soil has sufficient moisture to pull a good plug and
the grass is actively growing. Core aerating is a great way to prepare the soil
for seeding, so if you plan to seed, be sure to core aerate in the early fall.

Q: What is the purpose of applying lime to a lawn?
A: An application of limestone will raise the soil pH (reduce acid soil),
while adding valuable minerals to condition the soil. A less acidic soil (pH =
6.3 – 6.5) will allow more nutrients to be used by the lawn. Pelletized
limestone is the easiest form of lime to apply and the quickest to change the
soil pH. We can quickly and easily test the pH of your soil. Just fill a small
coffee can (or similarly sized container) with soil from your lawn and we’ll
test it while you wait.